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Outline and Explain the Role of Ethics and Rituals in Christianity.

Ethics and rituals play an important role in the Catholic faith. Ethics is the moral principle that governs a person’s or group’s behaviour. The ethics of a religion are the laws which follow the key doctrinal tenets of a religion allowing for the application of practice of that religion. Rituals are the practice of expressing aspects of religion. Ritual action usually marks the important stages in human life. Rituals help, lead to a greater understanding of the ultimate reality.
Christianity’s major ethics consists of the Ten Commandments also known as the Decalogue, the Beatitudes and Jesus’ love Commandment. The Ten Commandments are a set of laws relating to the ethics and worship playing a fundamental role in Judaism, Islam and as well Christianity. The Catholic Church sees the commandments as moral law, the things we shall not do as well as the things we should do. The Beatitudes are a guideline on how to live your life directing towards holiness and is regarded as a fundamental passage for Christian ethics. They are statement taught by Jesus concerning virtues to help us reach the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus’ commandment of love is seen as the fulfilment law as love is the essential quality that gives meaning to all other virtues. This commandment was a part of his final instructions given to the disciple’s from Jesus after the Last Supper had ended.
The major ethics of Christianity are teachings that show their importance guiding the response of individuals to ethical dilemmas by offering a model for Christian life that is founded on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The Ten Commandments are considered essential for spiritual good health and growth, and serve as the basis for social justice. They emphasise the importance of human life and the need to respect family and personal integrity. God in human form gave them to Moses on top of Mt. Sinai for his people. The Beatitudes provide a model for Christian life as it warns against an approach which…


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