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Oracle 10g – Grid Computing

Running head: Oracle 10g – Grid Computing Oracle 10g- Grid Computing Asteway Merid Strayer University CIS427 – Building Internet Application I Grid Computing The basic principle behind grid computing is saving cost by using resources efficiently. Grid computing provides the necessary scalability and redundancy. This concept is similar to RAID (Redundant Array of Independent (Inexpensive) Disks). RAID is used to store redundant data to improve performance. Grid computing goes a step further by allowing dynamic addition or removal of devices according to demand requirements.

Grid computing helps adjust to business demands without additional costs. It guarantees reliability, scalability and availability of resources. “Grid computing enables groups of networked computers to be pooled and provisioned on demand to meet the changing needs of business. Instead of dedicated servers and storage for each application, grid computing enables multiple applications to share computing infrastructure, resulting in much greater flexibility, cost, power efficiency, performance, scalability and availability, all at the same time. ” (Oracle. om) Scalability It is very hard for a database to respond to unexpected high business demand in a relatively short period of time. There is also a limitation to the database’s capacity to grow. Grid computing becomes an ideal solution in this situation. Oracle 10G has modules to handle unexpected or unusual increase in database demand. Reliability and Availability Today businesses rely more and more on technology. Online business web sites must be able to respond to a sudden increase in activities. They need more resources to accommodate the surge in demand.

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With Grid computing, resources are made available whenever demand peaks. Proper resource utilization creates a more reliable environment for databases and applications. Performance Different applications have different service level requirements. Some applications are required to respond quickly while others might not need to. Oracle 10G grid computing improves performance by utilizing resources according to application demands. To increase performance, ensure reliability and provide scalability, Oracle 10g offers the following features.

Real Application Cluster – Enables many instances on different servers open a single database on a shared storage. Automatic Storage management – Simplifies administration of database. Resource Manager – Controls resources allocated to users. Scheduler – Makes advance schedules. Transportable Table spaces – Move data files between databases. Streams – Replicates data between different databases and keeps them current. Instant Client – Makes installation of Oracle client easy. Distributed SQL and Distributed Transactions – Enables data in multiple databases are accessed.

Ultra Large Database support – raises database size to 8 Exabyte. Summary Businesses are demanding more and more efficiency, reliability and higher performance. It staff is pressured to do more and better with less cost. It is this challenge that gave birth to grid computing. The basic principle of grid computing is utilization of resources wisely and efficiently. ‘As time passes, grid computing, which earlier mostly confined to research organizations and specific projects, is gradually making in-roads into commercial and business organizations.

More and more IT vendors are formulating their grid strategy and offering new solutions aimed at participating in this merging computing era. ’ (Ault & Tumma) References Ault, M. , & Tumma, M. Oracle Computing with RAC 10g Grid & Real Application Clusters: Oracle 10g Grid C. In M. Ault, & M. Tumma, Oracle Computing with RAC 10g Grid & Real Application Clusters: Oracle 10g Grid C. Rampant Tech press. Oracle. com. (n. d. ). Retrieved from The Six Habits of Highly Successful Data centers: http://www. oracle. com/technologies/grid/index. html


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