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Operational Management quiz

The term volume refers to: The number of times a product or service has to be produced The space required to provide a product or service The number of different types of product or service offered The peaks and troughs of demand Flowcharts tell you: Where activities take place How activities take place Why activities take place The order activities take place Process analysis factors are not concerned with: Variability or throughput rate Variability of input Capacity of recourses Variability of activities within the process Configuration of recourses and outputs Operations adds value by: Inspections Transporting an input Storing items Changing the state of an input All of the above Which of the following in not important when the layout decision of an operation is considered: The layout task is often long and difficult It will impact on the choice of process type If the layout proves to be wrong, there may be negative consequences for the operation Any re-layout of an existing organization can disrupt its smooth running Job design is concerned with: The development of the workplace Ensuring process flexibility A range of separate elements which require resolution Making people happy Most operations produce a mixture of both products and services.

Which of the following businesses is closest to producing ‘pure’ 100% services: Therapist IT company Restaurant Steel company . Is an example off service facility layout in which minimizing total travel distance is not an important consideration Post office Convene mince store School Us appear get The implementation of technology generally…….. Is of no importance to Operations Managers Requires little preparation Is important to operation managers Require careful control and planning Which of the following transformational processes is not associated with the processing Of materials: Psychological State Storage Location Physical properties Which of the following is not a characteristic of job design?

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The environmental conditions of the workplace Cost of labor The technology available and how it will be used Maintenance of commitment Which of the following is not an unrealistic customer expectation? Drunkenness Being acknowledged Demands against policies Breaking social norms What is process technology? Technology that will only process materials for manufacture Technology that has to be present in order for any transformation process to occur The machines, equipment and devices which help the operation rainstorm materials and information and customers in order to add value and fulfill the operation’s strategic objectives. Machines that allow customers to walk past without setting off alarms Which is more important, front office or back office processing technology?

Both offices perform critical roles and as such the choice and utilization of process tech oenology is equally important 80th are equally important as the same amount of resources are used in both Front because this is where the customer is and they are being processed Back as this facilitates ease Of processing at the front What does the detailed design of layout means? The detailed position of all transforming recourses Putting on paper the physical location of machines, staff offices, etc. Where the workers are seated in comparison to management How effectively the layout fits to accommodate the needs of its workers When making layout decisions, which is the most appropriate sequence of events?

Selection of basic layout, selection of process type and selection of detailed design layout Selection of basic layout, selection of product type and selection of detailed design Of layout Selection Of basic layout, selection Of detailed design of layout and selection of process type Selection of process type, selection of basic layout and selection of detailed design layout Fifty years ago, cinemas had one screen, and the employees would personally escort the patrons to their seats. Contrast this with today’s multiplex cinemas. The cinema industry has changed from: High complexity, high divergence to low complexity, low divergence Low complexity, high divergence to high complexity, low divergence Low complexity, high divergence to high complexity, high divergence High complexity, low divergence to high complexity, high divergence Standardization is useful in service design because? Service staff are not skilled enough It allows more advance preparation It reduces variability Customer are easily confused According to customers…… Is the most important dimension of seen. Ice quality The dependability and accuracy Of the service Courtesy of employees The attractiveness of the facilities Prompt service Which one of these is not one of the five operations performance objectives? Quality Dependability Cost Repetitiveness Speed Which of the following is not a benefit derived from developing a service blueprint? Aids in identifying points of interest in the service. Such as where customers will wait or where mistakes may be made Transforms an idea into a more physical reality Clearly separates the front office from the back office, showing where particular care must be taken in order to exceed customer expectations Aids in forecasting new service demand Which of the following does not have an operations function?

A psychiatrist An insurance office An international airport A bank A car manufacturer Standard time is: The time a job takes when the worker in untrained The time a job should take The time management wants the job to take The time a job will take under normal circumstances is not an element of service package? Implicit service Explicit facility Price Facilitating goods Automation provides better Robustness Consistency Flexibility Reliability Than labor Classifying a new service into degree of divergence, type of customers, and object of the service process is not particularly helpful with deciding? What type of employees to hire How much automation to use What the pricing policy should be How attractive to make the facility What is the first step in the conversion process? Input Output/materials Labor/output Output/energy

Operation management refers to: Distribution Service Manufacturing Ergonomics is primarily concerned with: Ensuring the costs are right Ensuring the operator is comfortable Ensuring the equipment is efficient Ensuring the task is within the operators capabilities Maximizing is one of the objectives of operations design Cost Throughput Utilization Customer satisfaction What are the five operational performance objectives Quantity, durability, speed, Flexibility and cost Quality, dependability, speed, flexibility and cash Quality, durability, speed, flexibility and cost Quality, dependability, speed, flexibility, cost Companies often “manage the evidence” For example, a motel will place a plastic liner on the toilet seat to show that it has been cleaned Which GAP is this activity attempting to close? GAP 1: Difference between what customers want and what management thinks they want GAP 5: Difference between what customer expect and what they received.


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