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Oliver Twist

Document prepare pourcecile clavilier teaches at college La nacelle, corbeil-essonnes (91). she is also a teacher trainer and a regular contributor to new standpoints.oliver twist
teacHer’s PaGe IntroductIon
objectIvesVictorian society — DickensworksheetLower intermediateLower intermediateThe year 2012 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’s birth. Not only was Dickens a brilliant storyteller, but he was also an invaluable witness of his time. This episode of Oliver Twist, adapted as a comic strip, will give pupils a glimpse of orphanages and workhouses in Victorian England. No doubt they will empathise with the character.
MaterIalculture: Charles Dickens • Oliver Twist • workhouses, child labour and regulations in the19th century. vocabulary and Grammar in context: making hypotheses • be going to + V • the simple past • passive voice • vocabulary related to living and working conditions.
ceFrA transparency of the comic strip and an OHP An Internet access for pupils New Standpoints Live, Tracks 25-28 A copy of the worksheet per pupil Copies of the full comic strip www.newstandpoints.comspeaking – Production a2: recapitulating, making sentences from keywords, giving opinions. Interaction a2: role-playing an interview on a specific topic. listening a2: catching the main points from a short recording. reading a2: reading a short comic strip. a2+: reading for information on the Internet. Writing a2: adapting a comic strip into the pages of a diary.
FInal ProjectAfter listening to the beginning of an episode of Oliver Twist, pupils complete the speech bubbles and banners in a comic strip; in groups they read short texts from the web about Charles Dickens, child labour and workhouses. Then, they reorder the last frames of the comic strip and imagine the end of the episode. Finally, they perform an interview and write a page from Oliver Twist’s diary.Procedure activity 1. the beginning of the story – classwork a. Getting acquainted with…


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