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Macey Varney
April Dierks
English Composition 1
December 3, 2013Obamacare
The great thing about America is our freedom of speech and knowing that there are options for many things. Of course there are laws to keep everything running smoothly, but sometimes boundaries are crossed. Congress and the president crossed major boundaries with the new healthcare laws. Obamacare is not only costly but it is crossing many moral lines for a lot of people. This new healthcare plan is costing everyone, especially businesses, a lot of money. It has become really hard for businesses to remain open and employ people. Obamacare could be good in some ways, like offering everyone health insurance, but people shouldn’t be fined if they do not have health insurance. Personal boundaries are also being crossed by Congress telling the American people that they have to have healthcare. Healthcare is a good thing but, there has to be a better way to do it!
Obamacare has been found to be financially burdensome on businesses. The new healthcare plan will “cost business owners more money and in the end might even cause some businesses to shut down” (“Is Obamacare Financially Burdensome”). Most business owners will cut their full-time employees, and hire more part-time or temporary workers. This is not only going to hurt businesses financially, but also full-time employees because of the responsibilities they hold in everyday life. For example, full time employees at fast food restaurants will be fired or have their hours dramatically cut. Small businesses will not be able to afford to keep employees because of the insurance benefits businesses are now required to offer. This creates a lack of jobs in the United States which in turn will lead to a higher unemployment rate, which is already high. Some people might say that Obamacare is going to help businesses and people who work for small businesses because their managers will have to provide them with health insurance. Fast food workers…


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