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Integrative Network Design Project for Riordan Manufacturing, Part One
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NTC/362 Fundamentals in Networking
January 23, 2013
Integrative Network Design Project for Riordan Manufacturing, Part One
The integrative network design project for Riordan Manufacturing will consist of three major goals. First, the project team will integrate all locations with common wide area network (WAN) protocols. Second, local administration networks will be converted to wireless local area networks (WLANs). Third, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) will be implemented throughout the corporation. As part of the VOIP implementation, the project will establish a satellite link between San Jose and China capable of ten megabits per second in real time with the service equivalent to a circuit switched data link.
Network Characteristics and Components
Riordan Manufacturing consists of four locations connected via a WAN. Corporate headquarters in San Jose, California is connected to plants in Pontiac, Michigan; Albany, Georgia; and Hangzhou, China. San Jose is connected to Pontiac and Albany with similar networks. A T1 line makes the connection from San Jose to Pontiac and Albany. San Jose also has a satellite connection to the fan plant in China (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013).
Current Network Topology
Riordan corporate headquarters in San Jose has a 100 base T Ethernet network that connects all computers in corporate, marketing, finance, and human resources to servers and external links for communication with the other plants. San Jose is unique because the network is connected to both a T1 based connection to the other U.S. plants as well as a satellite connection to the facility in China.
The Albany and Pontiac plants are connected to headquarters with a fractional T1 line that allows for 256k capacity for email and up to 1.5Mbps for data bursts. This connection is routed through switched ports and then to hubs that serve the various workstations and…


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