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new jim crow

The bestselling novel “The New Jim Crow” was written by Michelle Alexander. The reason behind her work was to educate Americans that Jim Crow is still alive. “The New Jim Crow” naval exposes the criminal justice system as a new way to keep the Jim crow alive. However in 2006 Michael Cohen published a article called “Jim Crow’s War on Drugs”. This article showed Americans the reasons why blacks were prosecuted and thrown in jail on drug charges. Although Michelle Alexander and Michael Cohen arguments are similar they have few a differences.
The New Jim Crow was inspired by the research done by Michelle Alexander in the modern era of society. Alexander clarifies that Jim Crow has been re-incarnated to fit into the criminal justice system of today’s time. The New Jim crow has put countless African Americans in jail or prison, because of drug charges. Alexander confirms “The United States imprisons a larger percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid. In Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, it is estimated that three out of four young black men (and nearly all those in the poorest neighborhoods) can expect to serve time in prison.” Due to this supported fact that a high percentage of black men are predicted to experience jail time, police are expected to be seen in underprivileged black neighborhoods. Law enforcers are able to search black men without a warrant because of suspicion of criminal activity (and drug activity). This is a problem because white teens have a higher chance to experience drugs than black teens. Alexander implied “In 2004, 75 percent of all people imprisoned for drug offenses were black or Latino, despite the fact that the majority of the country’s illegal-drug users and dealers are white.”
The article “Jim Crow’s Ware on Drugs” was written by a University of North Carolina alumnus named Michael M. Cohen. The article educates America on drugs such as cocaine was illegalized only to keep…


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