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Neodymium Research Paper

Neodymium Lloyd Martinez I Chemistry During the last years of the nineteenth century, Neodymium was discovered. It is moderately toxic and many people don’t know that they are touching and seeing it every day. Neodymium is very important because it allowed people to start and change the world with better technology. It is not found alone or unmixed with other substances but with significant quantities in ore minerals such as magazine and bassinet. Neodymium is located in the sixth period and is a part of the Lanthanide family.

Neodymium is a Heimlich element with the symbol Nd, the atomic number 60, and a soft, bright, silvery white metal. It was first identified in 1885, in Vienna, by Austrian scientist Carl Rue von Wheelbase. Neodymium was discovered in ‘dummied’ a substance incorrectly identified by Carl Anemones in 1841. In 1 869, ‘dummied’ had the symbol Did in Mindedness first periodic table in 1869. Many people, such as Babushka Brenner, tried to identify the element ‘dummied’ but was unrest. Carl Wheelbase discovered ‘dummied’ 14 year earlier and realized it as actually a mixture of two entirely new elements.

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Carl Wheelbase gave name to the two mixed elements neodymium and praseodymium. Neodymium was named with “ones idioms”-Greek for ‘new in’ reflecting neodymium’s close association with praseodymium which the name ‘pink twin’. They are also twins because they were both first identified at the same time. He reacted ‘dummied’ to form nitrate salts, which he then fractionally crystallized from nitric acid to yield pink neodymium and greenish-brown praseodymium salts. Each fractional crystallization took up to 48 hours and as done more than one hundred times.

Pure neodymium metal was isolated in 1 925 by H. Seekers. Today, neodymium is used with iron and boron to create permanent magnets called NIB magnets. NIB magnets are the strongest known magnets in the world today. They are used in computers, cell phones, medieval equipment, earphones, toys, motors, wind turbines, audio systems, mangle trains, and etc. Neodymium was such an important discovery to the medical field because without its use as a crystal for a laser, they would not have been able to treat skin cancer and laser hair amoeba.

They are also used to cut and wield steel in the industry. Neodymium Was also a metal used in a spark producing alloy for cigarette light flints. In the early eighteenth century, Bibliography: Counting on neodymium for information processing with magnetic molecules . (2013, September 24). Retrieved from http://pays. Org/ news/2013-09-neodymium-magnetic-molecules. HTML Downgrading, L. , Gregg, K. V. , Haines, N. , Wisdom, AND CHANGE Fortunetellers Cliche. (201 3, September 24). Counting on neodymium: Promising candidate for information processing with magnetic lessees.


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