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My True Color Essay

My true color I recently completed a survey with my English class at DSCC. The survey was developed to uncover what type of personality the survey-taker had. As I was taking this survey, I began to realize I undoubtedly belonged to the Orange category. There were many characteristics that I know I posses; however, the three main qualities I display most are organization, optimism, and spontaneity. First I am one of the most organized people on the planet. Things have to be in place, I have to have everything kept in my agenda, and everything around me must be clean.

I get extremely frustrated when things are not in the correct place. For example, with school I have folders for every class. I also have color tabs to separate each section of the folders. Having this little system helps me keep track of where my homework, notes, and power-points are. Another way I stay organized is by keeping important dates and deadlines written down. Because I write dues dates, test dates, and study times down in my agenda I never forget anything. It helps me to not schedule other things on a day I need to study, or when I have to work.

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Also, it helps me not to forget when things are due for school. Such as papers, projects, homework, or even when the next in class test will be. Finally and the most important way I keep life organized is by keeping everything around me neat. It includes, but is not limited to, my room, car, house, backpacks, etc. From the very top of my dressers to the floor is always in order. Clutter makes me nervous so having an organized home is a lot less stressful for me. Organization is so important to being successful, and stress free! Another characteristic of the orange personality that I display a lot is optimism.

I am optimistic through being open minded and through my confidence. First of all, I have always been an open minded person. For example, I love trying new foods I have never eaten, listening to songs I have never heard, or even driving to places that I have never been. Not only do all of these things create a little adventure in my life, but they allow me to explore new things. I learn a lot from being so open minded to the world around me. A world I would not have been able to see if I had not gone out and taken a chance. Another example of my optimistic behavior is my confidence.

I always have faith in myself to overcome the impossible. For instance, when I was in high school I played varsity basketball. At the end of my senior year we were playing our rivals, and it was our final game. With one minute left on the clock the game was tied and it was our ball. My coach instructed myself and the rest of my teammates to protect the ball, and we would have to take the foul shots. Little did I know that the ball would end up in my hands, along with the game. As the clock ran down my team and I passed the ball around trying to run down the time.

When the ball came to me one of our opponents fouled me in attempt to steal the ball. Now with only seconds left in the game and I was to shoot two foul shots. As timeout was called I began to feel the pressure hit me, I was about to shoot to win the game or to lose it. My coach, as well as my team, had faith in my free-throw shots. However, when it came down to it, it was about whether or not I believed in myself. As I came to the line I began to worry I would choke, but I knew that my team, coach, and fans were depending on my shots to win the game.

I got nervous when the referee handed me the ball, but from then on I felt obligated to make both shots and win the game. The first shot I took barely made it in; the suspense took over the crowd as the ball spun around the rim. As soon as I took the second shot I instantly knew it was nothing but net! I was overwhelmed with joy when the buzzer went off and I had won the game! It was one of the most exciting days of my life, not only because we had won but because for once I actually believed in myself. From that day on I have never once doubted myself in any situation. Finally, I display my orange personality through my spontaneity.


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