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My High School Experience

Everyone gets an experience of high school, although it’s compeletely different. Some of them felt that it was wonderful, some of them thought it was miserable, and some of them just doing time. Going back to memorize my high school experience, even if it’s long time ago, I still remember vividly and I will not forget it forever. That’s the best time for me in my whole life, although there’s not always about happiness.
I’d like to introduce the basic situation when I was in high school. There were approximately 35 students in my class, and our classroom was settled, we didn’t need to change room for different class. We went to school five days in a week and we had seven classes in single day, each class took us forty-five minutes, from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm. We had to pay for all of our textbooks and we had a lot of mandatory to obey, such as dressing, hairstyle etc. Every Monday we had to gather on the playground to watch the flag-raising ceremony with dressing the uniforms, meanwhile we were singing the Chinese Anthem. Every Thursday the last class in the afternoon, we had extra-curricular activities, all of the classes were interesting, we can choose any one that we liked.
In China, every student need to spend three years in their school, and without expection for everyone, the third year of high school was the hardest and most stessful one. Because we had to do our best to prepare the final exam for getting a permission to the best university. Our parents took good care of us about everything, they didn’t let us do anything except study and told us to study again and again. Our teachers made us do various exams every class, that made us no time to take a deep breath. Everyday we had been through these different kind of pressure from our parents and teachers, even though all of them were for our benefits, sometimes the more pressure they gave, the less progress we got, we couldn’t handle it, we just got the opposite consequence that we didn’t want. We were…


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