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My Goals

My personal goal would be to publish my first book. I’m almost done editing it, but then I get another idea that changes almost the entire book.
Well, to meet my personal goal. I would have to really keep up my routine. Lately iv’e been intimidated to jump into it. So much to take in at one time.
When it comes to a measurable method, I plan on saving up a thousand dollars. That is the quote through the publishing company i’d like to go with. I’d like to go to the final step in February.
I feel that would give me plenty of time to go through it, pass out sections to my friends whom major in English, and to my editor. Then the publishing company will take my manuscript and format it into paper back and Electronic format for Ereaders.
I want to do this because I want my hard work to show in a solid piece of evidence in the form of a book. My professional goal would be to successfully find a job. I had one in the works then the owner decided she couldn’t afford to have me on. This really throws a wrench into the works.
I recently got very close. But then the Owner realized it last minute. So i’m currently finding a position. I have a very strong lead at a magazine manufacture. The shift is 6am to 6pm 3 days on, 3-4 days off depending on the week. If I went in to continue the rest of the hiring process, I would start on Monday.
Also, I plan on finding a better job, and hopefully in the Spring I will have my window cleaning position that I was originally hired for.
To do this job at the publishing company, I have to get a solid schedule considering I will be working from early morning to evening. I will have to schedule my things do throughout the week.
For example I would work my shift, come home @ 6 pm. Do an assignment, then misc. hobby’s and go to bed. Do that 3 days in a row, then on off days I will do my coursework, work out and whatever else is needed. I’m heavily considering looking up a healthy diet consisting of easy to…


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