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My Essay about Joe

Joe is the strongest person due to his ability to overcome bullying, achieve success despite his disability, and to face every challenge thrown his way with a smile on his face. Joe has always been bullied from day one going into school. Kids teased and tormented him from the way he talked and acted. Despite all the criticism that was thrown his way, Joe never let it get to him once. At an early age he learned that the only people that mattered were the ones that have always been there to help him better himself.

He always knew since he was really young that he was a little different from the other kids in many ways. The way he sounded, and the speed he was moving physically and intellectually. He noticed that he couldn’t handle the enjoyment of gatherings with many people. The noise bothered him for some reason and he knew that it was his disability. People call him slow, dumb, stupid, and thievery often. Not knowing that he understands what they are saying no matter what pace they say it at. Joe faces his being bullied very well.

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He continued to attend tattering but by handling his sensitivity to the noise by wearing earplugs. People who come up to talk to him slowly he purposely speak slower than usual back to mimic them the way they are mimicking him. Not only is Joe handle being bullied very well, he handles it well enough to laugh about it later that day. Joey’s everyday life was also very challenging. He noticed that simple things that people were achieving everyday with ease, he has to have help with or needed it completely done for him.

Things like tying his shoes or brushing his teeth are very challenging to him. Eating is not very difficult but at times it seems nearly impossible. Joe noticed that his frustrations would sometimes escalated so much that he would pull his hair, or bang his head in his hands until he felt better. Slowly Joe learned that this is not the way to handle stress and anger so he began to take deep breaths and understand that this is who he is and how God made him. People will ask Joe if he needs help all of the time but he will never accept it unless he is the one asking.

Joe tries very hard o make his everyday life as normal as he possibly can without any interference with others. There are the days where he needs little to no help then he has his days where he will not make it through without help from someone. He is a very proud person and is always staying open minded and optimistic about his disability. Joe repeatedly tells his family that he will succeed despite his disability. Joe is moving at a very fast pace in school for someone with his disability. He has the highest grades in the disability program at his school, and is the most active one in the bunch.

He continues to smile and find ways to escape his disability, understanding that it is something that he must accept. He is not going to let his disability hold him back no matter what it is. Joe believes that he can let this disability define him and make him mope and grope all day about what he doesn’t have, or he can strive to be successful and enjoy everything life has in store for him. Joe chooses the second option. It’s not about what you got, it’s about what you make out of it. Joe continues to go to every school function possible despite the noise level.


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