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Movie Review

English Composition.
Movie Review.
Now You See Me(2013).
Louis Leterrier
Filmed in Los Angeles, California USA.
Action, Illusion and Crime.
Now You See Me is a movie which got worldwide appreciation due to it’s excellent plot which inculcate intrigue and suspense in audience thought the movie .
The story of the movie revolves around four street magicians recruited by master illusionists to prove they have guts and skills to join secret society of magicians ‘The Eye’-who steel from rich and give to poor.
Each of four independent magicians are called together by an anonymous man to execute series of stunts. One year later they perform in Las Vegas as ‘The Four Horsemen’, sponsored by billionaire. They invite Forcier, a member of audience on stage to help them in their next trick. Forcier is account holder of ‘Credit Republican’ bank which Four Horsemen are going to rob is apparently teleported to his bank’s vault. As he push the button on remote, money showers onto the crowd. This was the first trick of Horsemen.
When it is found that bank is robbed in real FBI is called for investigation. FBI agent Dylan Rhodes along with his partner Alma Dray(Interpol agent) interrogate perpetrators ‘Four Horsemen’. Then FBI team meets Thaddeus Bradley, a former illusionist who earns life by exposing the secrets behind other magicians’ tricks.
Dylan, Alma and Thaddeus attend the next show in New Orleans, in which Horsemen robbed Tressler’s bank account and distributes it to the audience. FBI agent Dylan tries to arrest the Four Horsemen but failed to do so. Later on Alma studying the background of horsemen learns about “THE EYE”.
During a raid 3 of 4 Horsemen escaped but Jack is killed in accident and remaining Horsemen took oath to carry out their third performance. Before last performance they stole a safe.
In third and last performance they apparently vanish in air from one point to another and in the end they vanish…


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