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Micro Powder Production Process of the Slag and Coal Ash

Slag and fly ash are by-products of industrial waste residues which at present mainly include slag, fly ash,price list Coal Crushing plant steel slag and zeolite powder and silica fume etc. Silica fume, although suitable for the production of high-performance concrete, the high price and small yield make it cannot meet the production requirements in a large number, while slag and fly ash, as the main raw materials of ultrafine grinding machine, are abundant in nature and widely used in the production.
The performance of micro powder production process of the slag and coal ash mainly lies in two aspects: the raw material selection and fineness. The main chemical constitution of the fly ash is SiO2, Al2O3 and Fe2O3. The high calcium ash contains more CaO, whose application in the concrete makes it more fluid and higher-performance. Slag, with SiO2, Al2O3 and CaO as its main components, is the water quenching slag discharged from the blast furnace.
1. The fly ash ultrafine powder production
The fineness, water demand ratio and loss on ignition can be classified into grade I,how to crush calcite lumps grade II and grade III, among which the fineness is an important index. The separation machine is the main equipment to separate the fly ash in the electricity industry. Building materials industry generally uses vertical mill with closed or open circuit grinding process to produce fly ash. Because the original coal ash already contains a certain amount of qualified fine powder, using open fine grinding process will over grind the material, reduce efficiency and consume more electricity. The closed circuit grinding process has a higher efficiency.
2. The slag ultrafine powder production
Ultrafine slag production technology process at present are mainly vertical mill, roller press machine combined with powder mill, or final closed circuit ball mill, and vibrating mill.magnetic separator mill china With the national policy guidance, the deepening research and the…


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