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Michael Jordan research paper

Michael Cordon’s competitive nature and strong leadership qualities like courage and loyalty enabled him to make everyone on the court a better layer and a better person, and also helped him win 6 NAB championships. Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in Brooklyn New York on February 1 7th 1963 (Michael Jordan Bio). Michael is the fourth Of five children born from James and Dolores Jordan, James a mechanic and Dolores a bank teller (Morrissey 1). Soon after Michael was born Dolores realized that the streets of Brooklyn was not the safest place to raise five children.

So the Jordan moved to Wilmington, North Carolina where Michael would play his high school basketball career (Morrissey 1). Little do many people know is that Michael Jordan first love was baseball a sport which Michael took up in his early years in Wilmington while still in elementary school, not basketball (Morrissey 2). However Michael was truly a gifted natural born basketball player according to his father James, “one day, god was sitting around and decided to make the perfect basketball player.

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He gave him a little hardship early to make him appreciate what he would earn in the end and called him Michael Jordan” (Morrissey 1) There were times when Michael had to face adversity. As a sophomore in high school, Jordan got cut from his varsity basketball team Jordan and Verdict 58). After he got cut Jordan explains that it was the worst feeling he ever had in his life and he worked so hard in the off season to become a starter on varsity the next year so he would never feel that bad ever again (Jordan and Verdict 58).

After Michael graduated Lance high school he continued his basketball career onto the next level at the University of North Carolina (Michael Jordan bio). At UNC as a freshman he hit the game winning shot in the national championship to beat Patrick Ewing and the Georgetown Hoys (Michael Jordan bio). Also he was awarded player of the moors twice during his sophomore and junior season. (Michael Jordan Bio). Michael Jordan being cut from his varsity team and rising up against adversity is what many people believe made him the leader he is today.

Michael Jordan was an amazing college player but he was an even better NAB player. Coming off two back to back Player of the year awards in college Michael was expected to be taken first in the 1984 NAB draft (Michael Jordan Bio). Well the Houston Rockets din ‘t think so because they passed on Michael and selected Hake Lawson With the first overall pick. Then at kick number two which shocked everyone, instead of taking Jordan the Portland Trail Blazers picked Sam Bowie from Kentucky. Jordan who was projected to be picked first fell to pick number three to the Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan Bio).

The 1984 draft is really the second time Michael faced adversity. Again when faced with adversity like the great leader he is, Michael was determined to prove everyone wrong and show that he should have been the first pick. In his rookie season in 1 984 Jordan averaged 28 points a game which ranked third in the whole entire league and he won the rookie of he year award (Michael Jordan Bio). One aspect that made Michael Jordan a great leader is that he was fearless. Michael was never afraid to have the ball in his hands during the final seconds of the game, sometimes he made the shot, sometimes he missed (Ell 4).

In game five of the eastern conference opening round playoffs in 1 989 Jordan hit a buzzer beater against the Cleveland Cavaliers which made his team the Chicago Bulls win to advance into the next round that is famous to this day. Craig Ell he was guarding Jordan when he made the shot explains that he is mad at Michael, not cause he made the shot but because Ell was seen getting beat in storage commercials (Ell 1). Jordan wasn’t afraid to take the last shot because he knew if he made he would get to be in the spotlight and all great leaders love to be in the spotlight.

Michael also had a lasting effect on every single player who was on the court with him. Magic Johnson who was one of Michaels toughest competitors once said, “there’s Michael Jordan, then there’s us” (Michael Jordan Bio). Because of his fearlessness and his presence on the basketball court Michael Jordan was able to win six NAB championships two Olympic gold medals and 5 NAB MAP awards. Because Michael Jordan was such a good role model and athlete, Jordan was able to build a sneaker empire in what is the Jordan brand.

Before Michael Jordan stepped foot on an NAB court, the National Basketball Association was valued as a $400 thousand/year company. In the year 1998 which was towards the end of Cordon’s basketball career The NAB made a profit of $90 million/year (Gunter 2). Michael Jordan and his influence help spread the game of basketball around the world. Children in the streets of Beijing would e wearing Michael Jordan jerseys because literally every single boy on the planet dreamed to be like Mike when they would grow up (Gunter 4).

Now Michael is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, the NAB team closest to Michaels hometown in North Carolina. He recently just granted his 20th wish and was named the honorary “chief wish ambassador” for the “Make A Wish Foundation” (Christenson). “Make A Wish” is just one of many charity organizations Michael is involved with. Every year Michael holds a golf tournament, “The Michael Jordan Invitational” which helps raise over $700 lion dollars every year for many non profit charitable organizations (Christenson).

Though Michael is 50 years Old and retired he still wakes up every morning at 5 am to workout and shoot hoops (Ferguson). In an interview Michael Jordan explained that “great leaders are one’s that lead by example” (Ferguson). Which he did his whole career and continues to do as a businessman. Even though Michael is no longer playing basketball, he continues to be an excellent leader off the court. Michael Jordan became a leader when he was cut from his varsity team in high school. Ever since he faced adversity on that day he was determined to work extremely hard so he would never have to face that type of adversity ever again.


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