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Medicaid Research Paper

Nevertheless, this paper will contour how the Medicaid program has grown as a major framework of the United States and the unique place it has in the social contract between the federal government and its citizens. History of Medicaid The Medicaid program is one of the biggest if not the biggest (federally funded) company which furnish health and medical assistance to the American families with grave budgetary status and expedient that cannot pay for medical expenses or even of health insurance.

Created by the federal government during the 1 ass’s, the Medicaid program became a mean for the overspent to somehow stimulate our Nation’s economy; more like an instrument for expenditure recurrence and budget justification. “From the perspective of public finance it is important to realize that Medicaid is only one category of state government spending and that it competes with other programs for the scarce budgetary resources” (Maroon and Williamson, 2007).

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In 1 965, Medicaid was officially innate and squandered through the United States with a choice of each state to administrate the playbill adjusted to their standards or guidelines. Established to benefit low salary women, children, elderly people and individuals with disabilities this combined (federal & state) service program has contributed health care insurance to over fifty million American citizens and some non-united States residents. When Medicaid was passed in 1 965, poor people were eligible for the program only if they met certain categorical requirements: had dependent children or were disable or elderly/’ (Olson, up. 142). In addition, the program is one of the several components that constitute the nation’s health care system; it has grown exponentially over time and now supply health care benefits for almost sixty million people. During the sass’s and 1 ass’s legislation extended the scope of Medicaid coverage to include other aspects of health care.

The federal Government enlarges the coverage to include teem inning women, together with children up to one year of age in 1986. The 1 990 Omnibus Reconciliation Act, established the program of discount drugs from Medicaid, enable State Medicaid programs to indemnify drug companies to furnish medicines at lower cost. This law requires that pharmaceutical manufacturers to sign a bargain of reimbursement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – the section of the united States Department of Health and Human Services, which overlook State Medicaid programs – so their products are suitable for Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid screen hospital care in most states, including services like ambulatory care, lab tests, x-rays, family planning services, home health services, physical therapy, and some prescription drugs. However, inasmuch as the regulations deviate between states, these benefits can be confined in some areas. For example, if a Massachusetts patient were to move to a distinct state, depending on state deadlines, their Medicaid services could be changed: they may be restricted to one physician visitation a month; their prescription drug coverage may be restricted to generics only, or their income level requirement may change altogether. Depending on the state’s guidelines) On the surface, Medicaid seems to offer a proper amount of comprehensive coverage and satisfy the overall needs Of those who need its benefit Unfortunately, the program itself has a lot of imperfection; many disputes that the use rates are too high for those who do not need Medicaid assistance and more funds are spent than accessory. There are also greater problems faced by those outside of Medicaid.

Those who surpass the revenue requirements for Medicaid but do not have enough funds for private insurance get stuck and (since they are uninsured) are hurried to attend the emergency room, one the most costly medical services handy. Another question is faced not by patients, but physicians. Though there is moderate administrative charge for patients on Medicaid, physicians are constrained to accept Medicaid patients and accept a lower pay-for-service comparison to patients who are not on Medicaid.

States commonly have clear discretion inbound which groups their Medicaid programs will shelter and the financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility. To be suitable for federal funds, however, states are directed to supply Medicaid coverage for certain individuals who take federally assisted income- allowance payments, as well as for combined bunch not receiving cash payments. In consequent to their Medicaid programs, most states have added “state-only” programs to supply medical aid for indicate underprivileged persons who do not qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid Services

The Medicaid program has an extensive health service package for those who enlist and qualified for the service. It is claimed by the federal government absolute coverage of almost thirteen services, which includes items such as inpatient – outpatient hospital services, nursing homes care, domicile physician visits, and benefits for offspring under the age of twenty-one. The extent Of health care services does not end there were Medical’s has packages which provide a superabundance of comes to include the drug rebate program, dental services, care for the mentally challenged and optometric services.

The Medicaid Drug Rebate Program was initially created to help manage the cost of prescription drugs, allowing each state to manage a specific list of drugs covered, their generic counterparts, and alternative treatment options” (Comedian. Com, 2010). These optional services are not offered in every state, but the cost fetishes services will be paid by Medicare if the beneficiary selects one or all.

In addition, Medicaid is experimenting with programs like the “Cash and Counseling’, were beneficiaries are given their incentives acquire health care services based on their preferences. Brogue (2003) states, “the purpose of the Cash and Counseling is to evaluate how Medicaid beneficiaries (consumers) would fare in a system that allows them to buy their own personal and community-based services, assisted by a consultant, with a defined contribution from their state’s Medicaid program”.

Other programs included into the Medicaid benefits are: the Cervical Cancer Treatment and Prevention Act, which allows any uninsured patient who has cervical cancer to be covered, the Affordable Care Act provides the government to expand Medicaid assistance to individuals under age 65 and he Program of Assistance for Elderly and Disabled. The beauty of these optional services is the benefit it provides to our children, the disable, the elder and single or pregnant women; the beneficiary only invests a diminutive escapement, which in accordance with to the federal government is no more than a few dollars.

Enrollees face no premiums, and in some states enrollees do not have to meet deductible before their coverage start. For this reason, the federal government has given the states using the Medicaid program the jurisdiction to limit the amount of coverage. With the approval and antiquation of coverage and the drift or extent of which the benefit will assist it is not rare to see states making use of this given authority. For example, the state or the government can control the number of prescriptions given, decide how many times a medical practitioner can visit a patient’s domicile, etc.

Medicare not only serves America’s poor population but yet the program is a sketch to mirror the needs of the population it benefits. A program of this magnitude (economic & social) touches on every aspect of the American people’s life, affecting it services, who is being serve and all the way up the Hahn (the government). Medicaid Economical Effects on America Medicaid has growth so much from its humble origin back in 1 Toto a serious national expenditure; back then this program could be seen as an advantageous care service for the American population.

But Medicaid has mature in terms of whom it shelters and what it costs, by demonstrating that only registration alone cost a short three or four million back in the ass’s increasing to almost forty-seven million dollars in present times. Today’s Medicaid expenditures have gained a ridiculous increment from four billion Lars to 257 billion dollars. Daniels (1989) States, “Medicaid is the primary means for providing medical care to the nation’s indigent and disabled populations were almost 13 percent of all Americans received some form of medical coverage, such as physician services through Medicaid in the early sass” (up. ). The coverage Medicaid offers for hospital care including services similar to ambulatory care, lab tests, x-rays, family planning services, home health services, physical therapy, and some prescription drugs. These factors have affected the cost of this program tremendously; costs are retainer rising, due to a combination of increased enrollees and medical cost inflation. State funding for Medicaid cost and spending has increased by more than fifteen percent in recent years.

This percentage raises an inquiry among the population in regard the accountability for the growth in expenditures to support the Medicaid program. Such inquiry has great importance for the future cost or budget expenses the Medicaid program will be subject in the next few years. Nevertheless, the answer of can be simpler than we thought with changes in medical technology’, the increase prices for pharmaceutical rugs and all other health care factors. Clearly these factors have a great impact on the cost of health care program.

These factors need to be taken into deliberation when policies and budgets are being made; these are not the only agent that force or raise the cost of health care but question if the health care services can also produce an ascend in expenses. A different approach to the effect of Medicaid in the economy is how the program have extended well beyond its original money aid program for single mothers with children and the disabled to a more diverse program.

Over the years, Medicaid services have expanded to match the indispensable raising of recent population: pregnant women, children, undocumented immigrants, HIVE/AIDS patients, etc. ; all categories have been cram into Medical’s coverage next to low-income, elderly, and the disabled. According to Comedian. Com, “besides pregnant women who were deemed eligible were mandated Medicaid coverage if they chose to have it illegal immigrants were granted coverage for certain emergency situations” (2010). The Medicaid program is also accountable for supporting other health care systems.

In ore specific details, Medicaid is the sole soul of a percentage of safety net hospitals proceeds with most of the profits earned are through ordinary payments for health care services given to its beneficiaries. Medicaid is also the accent of community and migratory health centers profit; Medicaid also contributes to programs such as mental health care and the school of health. These categories are screen by Medicaid, yet endure out from the general coverage areas of the elderly, low income, and the disabled.

On top of these coverage areas, Medicaid has been considered upon to fill in breach where there general and private coverage could not or would not shield, for example Medicare. While Medicare is a universal program for the nation over the age of sixty-five, it has gaps in its coverage; this is where Medicaid walks in and patches the gaps for Medicare beneficiaries. ‘The point is that private health is variable and leaves gaps in eligibility and coverage; adding moral urgency for Medicaid to fill the gaps where the private insurance is deficient and unresponsive” (Smith & Moore, up. 5). For those that qualify for both health care programs (Medicaid and Medicare) they are fitted to take advantage of the full Medicaid package as a supplement program to Medicare, thereby the program permits beneficiaries to participate in Medical’s extended term health coverage and prescription drug package. The negative side is that being qualified for both services extracts a lot of funding from both programs, forcing a larger load on Medicaid and Medicare thus increasing the spending budget.

In conclusion, the effect that Medicaid inflicts in America’s economy is a real financial overload, proven by the load produced by the growing cost of health care and the expansion of services Medicaid as a program has gone through vividly expenditure over the ages. Future of Medicaid On plain view, Medicaid seems to proffer a proper amount of extensive coverage and perceive the overall needs of those who need its benefit. Unfortunately, the so call health care program for the poor and needy itself has a lot of imperfections that add into the whole America budgetary constraint.

Many disputes that the use of Medicaid rates will become too high for those who do need Medicaid assistance having for result more money exhausted than necessary. In addition, those outside or not approve to use Medicaid but do not have enough money to pay for private health insurance will be banned or strained to visit the emergency room due to the high-priced medical services. Another future situation with the road Medicaid is taking vs.. Our economy will be faced not by the patients, but the medical practitioner (physician).

Even though, there are low expenditure costs for patients on Medicaid; physicians will or are being forced to accept Medicaid patients and with it the acceptance of humble fee-for-service in comparison to patients who are not on Medicaid. Currently, changes in regard the future planning of Medicaid are being made at the legislative level with a target to help reforming the health care program as a whole; changes that will increase the level of service and possibly cut some of the budgetary stomach aid.

These changes will not only affect Medicaid patients but also the government as well. To be included on the future changes are the eligibility income for Medicaid assistance will increase from $10,400 to $14,000 for the single women, and from $22,200 to $30,000 for families, making the service more reachable. State government will receive added funds for starting representative health care programs within their regions, in addition to budgetary incentives for medical practitioners providing services for in- domicile care to those on Medicaid, who are chronically sick or disabled.

As an answer for the situation of physicians and Medicaid service reimbursement, physicians will be offer and given a ten percent bonus for providing services to Medicaid patients. The future goals is to find the tools to remunerate a solid and better health care system within the next five or ten years. In the future, there will be more coverage for Medicaid patients ND more overall satisfaction with the program objectives.

Unfortunately, for those within the United States with a six-figure income, there will be a load of increased taxes, but those in need of medical treatment and better health care program making these changes will drop the cost of health care insurance. I think that Medicaid being the largest healthcare assistance program is obviously helping a lot of Americans; however our present health care system is full of imperfections. The problem persists within the requirements to qualify for healthcare assistance are too broad and do not incorporate the values (anymore) that originally were implemented when the system was created in 1965.


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