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Martin Luther and Henry Viii

Global 2 Martin, Luther, Henry VIII Many people have had great affects on their nations and religions throughout time. During the scientific revolution, many different people led in different reforms and guided their peoples in positive directions. Martin Luther and King Henry VIII had the greatest impact on their countries and religious affiliations. Martin Luther changed germany and christianity in a very great way. Leader of the Protestant Reformation, Luther went against some of the false teachings being spread by the Catholic church.

Luther posted the 95 Theses which attacked people who sold indulgences, or fake passes out of purgatory sold for a price. You can tell Luther made a big difference in his area because he developed such a large following in Germany that even when the church labeled him as an outlaw for everyone to neglect, he was still sheltered and hidden away by his new followers, Lutherans, in Germany. These are some reasons that show how greatly Luther affected his country and his religion.

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Henry VIII was a powerful king who definitely had a huge impact on his country and the religion he had practiced. Henry VIII had been a member of the Catholic church until he saw the pope’s power in his country of England. The king had cut off England’s ties with the Catholic church, thus leaving the pope powerless in England. The Act of Supremacy, declared by England’s parliament, gave Henry VIII complete power of both the church and the state, and the king also sold church land in England in order to get more money.

In this, you can see that the king Henry VIII had a great deal of power in England and successfully changed the way the country was run and also the religion they practiced in the way he wanted to. So, King Henry VIII and Martin Luther has the greatest impacts on their countries and religions. Martin Luther was very successful in his attempt to reform and King Henry VIII was a very powerful king in England.


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