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Marshmallow Test Research Paper

Walter Michel is a psychologist, specializing in social psychology and also the creator of “The Marshmallow Test”. Mulches was born February 22 1930 in Vienna, Austria. He studied personality structure, process and development and in self- regulation. He has taught throughout the psychology departments of the University of Colorado, Stanford, Harvard and Columbia University. As a young boy, Walter had a bad habit of smoking.

His habit stuck with him all throughout his life until the beginning of his teaching career at Stanford and Harvard. Mischief’s habit of smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day, finally caused him to legalize that smoking could possibly kill him. It wasn’t easy for him to quit, however, he felt like smoking was apart of his professional image. That’s when he began to realize that it was all just a self control issue. Walter is the creator of the Marshmallow test, one of the most famous experiments in the history of psychology.

It’s known for experimenting the importance of self control. Michel is 85 years old and he has just published his first booked, called “The Marshmallow Test;: Mastering Self Control”. At the time, his 3 daughters, Judith, Rebecca and Linda where the ages of 3,4 and 5. Seeing his daughters change throughout the years made Walter curious. Curious of how someone could want something but usually wait to do it. Then you have some people who want something so bad and just go and get it, then it doesn’t last.

To get the answer to his question, Walter did an experiment with the students at The Binge Nursery at Stanford University. At the Binge Nursery School in 1960 at Stanford University, Mischief’s team gave each child a marshmallow and told them that they could either eat that one marshmallow now or if they wait several minutes they could have another marshmallow, then they would have two. The experiment it shows that they longer the child delays gratification (the longer they’re able to wait) the better they would be in life.

Such as doing better academically, earning more money and being happier and healthier. They wouldn’t encounter any negativity such as being in trouble with law, facing health issues, being obese and using drugs or becoming alcoholic. After doing the Marshmallow test with those students in the nursery at Stanford, Walter followed them for 5 decades to see the results of their outcome. Who finished highlights and who is going to college etc.

He tracked how the ability to exercise self control at an early age was correlated with various life outcomes as the children grew into adolescents and adults. Michel also consistently found that the crucial factor in delaying gratification is the ability to change your perception for the object or action you want to resist. While looking at something in front Bayou that you truly want, just put a frame around it and imagine that it’s just an image and that way it will help you fight the temptation of wanting it so badly. Yes


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