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Marketing Analysis

Bowling Ball Marketing Plan
Francisco Calderon 1.
Executive Summary
2. Market Analysis
Phranke, Inc., established by Francisco Calderon (Phranke) himself back in December of 2008, is engaging the wide spread, yet small community of amateur and professional bowling. Starting from the age of 4, Phranke is an experienced and well-vetted bowler. The “perfect” ball is an everlasting search for all bowlers, amateur and professional. Fortunately, one such ball does not and cannot exist. This truth gives Phranke Inc. the opportunities to create, develop and deliver various levels of performance through each bowling ball that the company produces. In the bowling industry, leading businesses like Ebonite, Brunswick, and Columbia have focused on the ever changing lane conditions which dictate their methods of bowling ball creation. Since the foundation has been laid and built upon since the turn of the 20th century, Phranke Inc. will target varying segments of bowlers with matching styles of balls and a continuing evolution of performance for the future. 3.1. Market Summary.
The bowler’s market is filled with people who want a single affordable ball that is as versatile as the lane conditions are dynamic; a ball that will grip better on the oily lanes and retain its speed on the drier lanes at the same time. Fortunately, since the “perfect” ball cannot exist, consumers have accepted the fate that in order to meet the challenges of varying lane conditions, they must acquire a variety of bowling balls. During the breakout year of Phranke Inc., the target segments will include bowling league members, hobby bowlers and tournament bowlers. Consumers can either choose a pre-made bowling ball constructed based on general lane conditions and hook strength, or order a custom bowling ball tailored specifically to each bowler’s swing and release. Custom paint schemes or themes and finger inserts included with every purchase is meant as an…


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