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* Evaluate her strategy planning for her new business.

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>From her love to stay in Petosky; she started the carpet cleaning service by her saving money, and based
on her experience when she worked part-time for Joel Bullard. Mr. Bullard has a very successful business
at this small town, dominates this carpet cleaning service, and so far no one able to compete to him in
quality, strong relationship with many loyalty clients. Jane Galloway try so hard in advertising, taking care
of her customer’s work but she still unable to reach her goal, $60,000/year.

* Why was not she able to reach her goal of $60,000/year?
The most important problem of Jane is she did not do any marketing research in potential need of
customers, she tries to sell the service she has rather the customer need. First, she should do marketing to
know this business saturated at this town or not?. It seems to me that this small town just needs some extra
works in the peak seasons as summers and winters. Second, she should study to know her competitions
and what she should do to compete with them in quality, prices, customer’s relationship?. Third, from lack
of marketing the potential need of customer; she set her goal is too high and spends too much energy to
reach her target.

* What should she do now? Explain.

I think she can have two choices:
– First, if she wants to stay in Petosky; she should set her goal more reasonable. She can maintain her good
work as quality and advertising; but she should have a more competing price with Mr. Bullard, builds up a
strong relationship with customers. She will have a larger share with Mr. Bullard, and able to compete with
him in the future.

– Second, she should do marketing study at another town for these matters: Potential need of customer,
price, service and quality of current competitions. She will carefully check her ability to compete with
them; then based on those conclusions, she will choose a right place to move her business, and have a
successful business.


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