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Managing Knowledge Manpower

1 INTRODUCTION:The proper utilization of man power is becoming a challenging task for organizations these days. Most of organizations are facing a lot of problems due to inadequate planning & utilizations of man power. On the other hand employees are also not happy due to fear of being fired hence they always pretend to be busy in doing some work weather that is productive or not doesn’t matter. Due to the fear of firing every employee is trying to prove his own importance & doesn’t want to delegate the powers or transfer his knowledge to his colleague this situation is not good for organization.The companies make strategies for business, decides financial targets & the accordingly they hire employees (Knowledge workers & Production Workers) but due to fluctuation of economy the business strategies keep changing & most of company’s didn’t plan how they will utilize the highly paid knowledge workers during off peak time of economy. As a result these highly paid knowledge workers are expected to be productive as product workers are trough out the time. In case of failures due to lack of adequate work in off peak time in Economy Company sack these knowledge workers in order to maintain finical heath of organization.

The situation become worst when economy recovers, new requirement/projects are introduced than due to not availability of adequate knowledge manpower companies can’t kick off suddenly & again the process of recruitment of employees with adequate set of knowledge is required to be done.a) Goal & Purpose of working paper:
The main Goal of submitted working paper is to analyze & evaluate the article “RETHINKING THE DECISION FACTORY” by Mr. Roger L Martin which was published in Oct 2013 edition of “Harvard Business Review”. The main purpose of working paper is to understand & summarize the methodology being developed by author in such a way that it can be used in restructuring of organization’s to achieve maximum productivity by…

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