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McDonald’s “Seniors” Restaurant
Aham can improve the image of her McDonald by complimentary the Bingo idea. Aham’s strength right now is her customers, and she definitely cannot lose them. Aham’s weakness is that she has many seniors occupying the dining area, and because of that she fears she might lose younger customers who pay more for meals than just a coffee. Playing bingo with the senior citizens is a great opportunity to change the image and to profit from. Younger customers are the threat that she may have to face because not many younger customers prefer to go in when there are a lot of senior citizens. I think in this situation, Aham needs to smear niche marketing, which I think she is going to by applying the Bingo idea.
Will this alternative really improve the image of Aham McDonald? Yes, of course I think it will improve the image, if Aham takes the opportunity that she is given then she will definitely succeed. In the article, Aham mentioned that their customer service is really virtuous and that is why senior citizens love to come to her McDonald. She also declared how sometimes her employees would go visit some of the seniors who have been hospitalized, which shows how much really they care about customers. If this type of customer service continues to happen, I don’t think there would be any problems with any customers playing bingo. Because of Aham’s and her employees’ great customer service, I don’t think any of the senior’s would mind paying five bucks a head for playing bingo. It’s a win, win situation for both parties; Aham makes a little profit, and the senior citizens are enjoying socializing and playing bingo. Yes, she will need additional help from other employees, but it’s manageable because there is no morning rush and it’s only for 2 hours. I think Aham is applying niche marketing really well; just like how Japanese applied for their McDonald’s when they were in loss and introduced a Shrimp burger to increase sales. By applying…