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Malaysia Trade Challenge

Malaysian International Trade Challenge Workshop 2012 On 20 April morning, YE members of SMK Damansara Utama gathered at their school for an eventful day. Once all the students arrived, they rode the bus to their much awaited destination of the day – Global Business Park –to attend FedEx Express/Junior Achievement Malaysian International Trade Challenge Workshop 2012. SMK Damansara Utama were one of the first few schools to arrive at the event. Upon arriving, all students were given goodie bags containing a notebook, pen and booklets sponsor by FedEx Express. One by one the students from each school began to arrive and seated according to the place they were given.
The event was kick off by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Singam, who is the Managing Director of FedEx Express of Malaysia and Brunei.He introduced all the employees from FedEx Express company who volunteer to come to supervise and help with the workshop. He then gave a short introduction speech about FedEx which is the world’s largest express transportation company. Students were then tested whether they had been paying attention to what Mr.Ramesh said about FedEx by answering some of the questions. Before the workshop starts, Ms Barbara from Amcham gave the students some really interesting activities for the ice breaking session. This gave the YE club students from different schools to get to know each other properly.
Then the presentation about the workshop began from there. The sole purpose of the workshop is to learn international trade, product analysis and market entry strategy. All the things that are crucial in order to prepare all Young Entrepreneurs for the International Trade Challenge competition, a competition held by FedEx Express and Junior Achievement. Halfway through the workshop, the students were given a short tea break to recharge their battery before continuing .
All throughout the workshop, there were small group activities for the students to participate. This will encourage group…


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