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Make Them Listen

Make them Listen (Argument) Everyone wants an audience to be receptive to your speech, right? As well as being attentive? Of course, we all want them to like and trust you. Fortunately, there is a way for getting people to be like this. I will be telling you about the techniques of ethos, your answer.
People have to be able to trust your judgment as well as your essential goodness. This comes in the form of 3 qualities of a persuasive ethos. First, Virtue: When the audience believes you share their values. Second, Practical Wisdom, or street smarts. You appear to know the right thing to do on every occasion. Third, Selflessness. When the audience’s interest seems to be your sole concern.
So, for this speech, the quality I’ll be talking about is virtue. When you hear the term virtue used on a man, the general idea is that it means “weakness” and “dependency”. When, truthfully, it means anything but. Because a person who upholds the values of a group is rhetorically virtuous. Values like this switch tendencies, depending on the environment. One example could be that of a workplace, where values tend toward money and growth.
Unfortunately, Virtue isn’t so easy. You may find yourself trying to persuade two audiences at the same time, each with different values. Of course, a way to solve this is to act more rhetorically. It could end up giving you a raise in this situation, or an award in that situation. One little technique people such as George Washington have used is Tactical Flaw, which is when you reveal some defect that shows your dedication to the audience’s value. George Washington was the master of this technique. Late in the Revolutionary War, when his officers threatened mutiny, George requested a meeting and in the middle of pulling out a document and fumbling with grabbing his spectacles, he said, “Forgive me, gentlemen, for my eyes have grown dim in the service of my country.” Boom, instant tears from the many officers he had, along with…


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