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Lord Of The Flies Annotations

He is uncomfortable he similar to when he couldn’t kill the pig and bring the knife down, showing he isn’t completely comfortable in the role of a hunter, animal. He is still partly governed by society and civilization. Moving way from being human like. A go is a domestic animal he is still linked back to society, Jack Key Quotations II o “The chiefs blush was hidden by the white and red clay” this image is used to show he is masked by the clay but you are still able to see the human embarrassment underneath Gilding uses this to demonstrate his decent into savagery.

White and Red, color of purity and danger it is the fight on the inside where he is battling with his decent and also the external battle between good and evil. o ‘Wv?al hunt it down! We’ll close in and beat and beat and beat-” he provides them with the sense of the collective which the little-nuns latch on to as they re all as one, the repetition really conveys the level of power that he will have, also conveys the sense of excitement he feels and maybe a sense of being carried away foreshadowing of the death Of Simon when the boys get carried away.

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Conveys safety to the rest of the boys, he offers them a place of safety and security. “authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape” the fact that authority is being likened to an ape shows that authority in jacks mind should be aggressive and powerful. Monkeys and apes mimic each other, the connection between jack and the microcosm of the world at large he learns is level of authority from the outside world and what he has witnessed, the cowboys and Indians, the way that Britain was presented to young children. The fact that he is taking his advice from an animal makes him more animal like.

The lexical choice of chattered suggests that there are an unlimited ideas that he can do with his power and the ideas are just flowing. He is comfortable with his position and his role and chattered is good and friendly. Chattered isn’t intellectual as he is a tyrannical leader it is just ideas of what he can do with his power. Jack Key Quotations Ill ” painted and garlanded… Like an idol” resembles what tribes do to their gods, the fact that they treat jack like this demonstrates that the others attribute him as a leader, the way his face is painted and he has garlands everyone believes in the existence of his power.

Could be worshiping him out of fear, as there is a suggestion that they are more powerful. Sets hi aside from the others, he is being worshipped and he is above the others. The connotations of the world idol he is almost given God like status which is exactly what he wants. All worshipping jack allows the boys to have a sense of immunity, everyone feels like they area all apart of the same thing and no one is left out as long as they all worship him. The removal from civilization and the religious world that they have worshipped jack as an idol which would be going against gods word.

Exam topics related to Jack leadership- jack is on one side of the fire and Ralph is on the other o Decent into savagery 6 Evil- “bat like creature. ” “Eyes ready to turn to anger. ” First clue that we have to a level of evil. Lord of the flies, you’re just a pigs head on a stick Simon. Power and authority- all of the rules, “l can sing c sharp”, “where the man tit the trumpet. ” “who wants to be in my tribe” “the boy who controlled them” when he is first intros cued. Civilization THE BEAST Lord Of the Flies The Beast Key Quotations I o ‘tell him about the snake thing’ the beast starts as a snake and starts to grow and develop into a beast, the snake has connotations of deception and being sly, reference to the bible the snake is there to tempt the boys into evil. A snake is an animal and is specific whereas the beast is more general. o ‘With a hiss of indrawn breath” also has connotations of being a snake, once again referring to the garden of Eden. We need shelters because of the-” the boys never mention the beast they are reluctant to voice the idea of the beast as it becomes a taboo of the beast and the unknown danger they are in. o “but you can feel as if you’re not hunting, but being hunted” he is foreshadowing the end of the novel as the dark evil side of the boys is growing and almost hunting there good side similar to the end of the novel giving the readers a hint towards the ending of the book. o “what would a beast eat? Pig. We it pig” very shot mono syllabic sentences, the connection between the boys and the beast is highlighted here.

The beast lies within the boys, it starts off small just like the sentences mirroring how the beast starts of small as a snake and develops into the beast. The Beast Key Quotations II o “I’m not talking about fear, I’m talking about the beast’ this is evident that the boys have developed since they first arrived on the island, the fear is no longer with the island. Jack needs to keep the beast alive and ensure the boys believe in the beast to some extent as then he can provide the protection to the boys and that is what he gains his power from.

Similar to a tyrant leader they would use fear to control the general population. “Simon mumbled confusedly “l don’t believe in the beast'” Simon isn’t articulate enough to voice his knowledge so he cannot influence people, the use of the word confused suggests that the truth can sometimes be easily confused. E “you knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? ‘ when Simon hallucinates that the lord of the flies is speaking to him he confirms that the beast is with in them, Simon was right and that even Simon has the ability to be evil as they are in all people.

PIGGY rod of the Flies Piggy Key Quotations I o Piggy is the most physically vulnerable of all of the boys even though he has high level of intelligence. o “course we have. Coos’ the smoke’s a signal and we can’t be rescued if we don’t have smoke” course we have. This is an assertive sentence and this is what Ralph lacks, piggy conveys his confidence in what he believes. The sentence shows the logical thought process that he goes through a level of logical clear sightedness in piggy. “piggy was the only boy on the island who’s hair never seemed to groom’ Gilding separates piggy from the others to show he has not changed like the other boys, he has been consistent from the very start of the novel he is the exception to the “painted aces and long haw as he isn’t like the other boys. o “piggy was… So full of pride in his contribution to the good of society that he helped fetch the wood. ” he was proud that he could finally be accepted and a part of the society that the boys are living in, he is full of pride as this is a physical task not intellectually, which is hard for him hence why he is full of pride.

It is a physical contribution he needs to be accepted by the boys. He wants to be accepted, he contributed to what he believes to be the good of society, the fire, and rescue. o “l thought they wanted the conch” this shows a level of aviate and innocence in piggy, to him the conch means everything as it gives him a voice and the opportunity to be heard as it is a symbol of democracy, far more important than his own ability to see, the most precious thing for piggy was in fact the conch.

The conch means nothing to they others as they all have the ability to be heard, piggy doesn’t. o “I got the conch,” said piggy bleakly’ the understanding that perhaps the conch doesn’t mean the same for the other boys, bleak is without hope, he relies on the conch to voice his opinion but the other boys don’t care about it as much as he does. Piggy Key Quotations II “life is scientific, that’s what it is… I know there isn’t no beast… But I know there isn’t no fear either” piggy thoughts remain static within rational reasonably limits, scientific.

Absolute certainty and a sense of reason even in the structure of the sentence he has a sense of reason and logic. He is a realist, his level of thinking is so high that he knows that fear only exists in the mind. o ‘X;vouch is better- to have rules and agree or to hunt and kill? ” “what are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? ‘ he is able to order this as it gets worse and worse unlike Ralph when he goes backwards, beast swine thief, piggy is blew to have a complete understanding that the boys are descending into savagery.

You are either human or savage there is a certainty as everything to him and scientific, he is a voice of reason and intelligence. He is presenting the boys’ with an ultimatum like an adult would in the real world. He makes the boys think with his language. He is reluctant to abandon the civilized society and is trying to make the boys like this also. o “it was an accident… That’s what it was” piggy and Ralph are deeply disturbed by Simony’s death. This shows that they are the only ones who are still able to feel human motions- in this case guilt.

Here Ralph seeks piggy as he would an adult which suggests piggy is the closest thing to an adult figure and piggy tries to rationalist their involvement. He has an absolute refusal to move any further down the spectrum of savagery. He has to repeat himself as if he IS convincing himself and Ralph, there is a level of uncertainty. He uses his intellect as a survival mechanism as he knows that they cannot admit this and still survive. He needs Ralph to stay strong because if Ralph crumbles so does he, he realizes that his power is in his relationship with Ralph.

Piggy Key Quotations Ill “piggy came and stood outside the triangle. ” this conveys that piggy is on the edge of society, he doesn’t belong to the masses he is not involved in the boy’s society, he isn’t a member of the bigger tribe he doesn’t have the level of security that the boys have. “his head opened and stuff came out” arguably at this point in the novel the knowledge that is lost from piggy dying, piggy is dead and the conch is shattered therefore all democracy is gone. The lexical choice of stuff reminds the readers that they are young boys not adults. “how can you expect to be rescued if you don’t put first things first and act proper. Even the use of the word first things first show his logic, he orders his thinking which conveys his level of logic and rationality. o “piggy’s glasses flew off and tinkled on the rocks” jack slaps piggy, he abuses his clear sightedness and his intelligence, reflecting how people in positions of power are able to manipulate the other people into getting the intelligence. Jack is able to control him through the use of brute force, strength, violence.

The use of the word tinkled suggests the fragility of his glasses and knowledge. Jack controls him through fear and through violence, as he is able to. Topics friendship Knowledge o Imports once o Relationships THE ISLAND The Island Key points o The irony of the fact that they are waiting for a boat and the island is boat shaped, this demonstrates the journey and rite of passage that the boys are going on. o The beach is the place of safety and the place of rescue, the beach is the last place jack runs when he is trying to escape, they feel they are safest and build there shelters on the beach.

When the conch is blown the boys known to meet on the beach. Castle rock is a personified version of Jack, it is a mirror of what he has become the dark side “what a place for a fort” it is like castle he sees it as quite tribal from the very beginning a place where you can attack from, a bridge going over to it they have to travel across the bridge to get there the movement across to a savage dictatorship. o The Lagoon is a place of safety for the boys and their scheduled meeting take place here and they cleanse themselves in the lagoon.

Ralph is comfortable swimming here straight away. This is symbolic of the democracy and order that the island holds as the meetings take place round here, the flat logs they sit on are by the lagoon. The Island Key Quotations I o “long scar smashed into the jungle” smashed means to violently break meeting shows how as soon as the boys arrive the natural surrounding has been destroyed by the war and human nature. Scar suggests how the island in the beginning has been wounded and will never be the same the way evil is able to leave a scar on something beautiful.

The ability to be destructive that mankind has. o ‘these stood or leaned or reclined against the light and their feathers were hundred feet in the air” as the boys are still quite young they are not confronted by the harsh reality of the situation they have their head in the clouds and are not looking beneath the surface which underneath there are scattered with decaying coco-nuts and palm saplings” saplings demon straight there is going to be a growth whilst on the island. “naked crooks of his knees were plump, caught and scratched by thorns” the island seems to be against them attacking the boys even from early on suggesting that they do not belong there and that the island is inhospitable to them in places which can allow there fear to develop. o ‘the wind roared in the forest, there was confusion in the darkness” could represent that at this point the boys were confused about the darkness. Since this seems to be the turning point of when the darkness is accepted by some harassers the darkness provides the boys’ fear to develop and grow. “beyond the screen of leaves the sunlight pelted down” the screen suggests a covering/shield or protection. The lexical choice of this expresses how the leaves do not allow the deterioration to be revealed. The use of figurative language of pelted allows the reader to imagine the sunlight to be dangerous and also an enemy at this point as in the sunlight they know things which is dangerous, nature allows Simon to feel comfort, the shield protects Simon as this is where he finds peace and comfort.

The Island Key Quotations II “you could keep a coco-nut shell there, filling all the time” the irony is that the hunters were supposed to fill the coconut shells with water and in castle rock they could easily do that, water is life giving and here it is not used effectively. He wants to stay with the use of all the time suggests that he wants to live here. “the fire reached the coco-nut palms by the beach and swallowed the noisily” the idea of evil engulfing everything in its path and leaving nothing beautiful behind, Colluding ended the book where it had started with the coco-nut palms and the beach which shows that without law ND order the world will always end in destruction. o “the island was scorched up like dead wood” the island has been completely destroyed by the boys and the once idealist island is now just dead wood.

ORAL’ H Ralph Key Quotations o “eyes that proclaimed no devil” shows that his eyes are kind he isn’t evil in his description foreshadowing that he wont decent more and more into savagery unlike the other boys. o “he might of made a boxer” violence alternatively showing his strong physique he is capable to defending him self and he does have the ability to be violent just like all of the other boys. Want he saw of the fair haired boy with the creamy shell on his knees did not seem to satisfy him” the conch doesn’t satisfy him unlike it does piggy he just sees a conch. o “don’t you all want to be rescued” questioning the boys as they seem to not remember what was most important for them all “but there was a mildness about his mouth” from the beginning we are aware that Ralph is not a threat mildness demonstrates how he is not violent.

Ralph Key Quotations II o ‘the boys ranged themselves in rows on the grass before him but Ralph and piggy stayed a foot lower standing on the soft stand” Ralph power has ordered to piggy level now that Jack is charge o ‘they were glad to touch the brown backs of the fence that hemmed in the terror and made it governable” mobbed mentality it was made right because they were all doing it. “That was murder he realizes his mistake and addresses it head on and faces his own wrong doings he is questioning himself and realizes what he has done, he cannot believe what he is capable of and he finally is able to say it out loud. o “cradling the conch, rocked to and fro… Ralph continued to rock to and fro” Ralph is in a trance trying to console himself and the conch is informing to him as it was the first symbol of civilization and a time when piggy and Simon and Ralph were all together, so this is comforting to him as they have come so far now that there no civilization left within the boys.

Ralph Key Quotations Ill o “he notice- in this new mood of comprehension” o “again he lost himself in deep waters” he finds it really hard to keep in his mind what is the most important thing in sight o “he found himself understanding the wearisomely of this life?’ o “if you were chief you have to think… Can’t think. Not like piggy” “not me. This is a rotten place. Ralph opinion on castle rock, he hates it from the beginning shows that he isn’t like the other boys and intrigued by the dark side. No. They’re not as bad as that. It was an accident’ he is trying to justify their actions in his head as he doesn’t want them to believe that are not capable of murder because then they are able to murder him to. o “Smoke. ” the irony the smoke was the only thing that Ralph wanted as it would get them home but now the smoke was going to be the thing that killed him, something that reminded him of savagery is now completely the opposite. o ‘there was no piggy to talk sense.

There was no solemn assembly for abate nor dignity of the conch” he is at loss he had no one or nothing there to be able to help him the total loss of civility utterly his is entirely on his own. o ‘Wino’s the boss here? I am” Ralph said loudly’ he proclaims that he is the leader he is very assertive and jack is described as a little boy. ROGER Roger Key Quotations SIMON Simon Key Quotations o In chapter one Simon is introduced when he faints at the very first meeting. The boys ridicule him a lot as they laugh when he is picked to go to on the expedition. “he was a skinny, vivid little boy’ he is small not physically able to defend himself. Water rose farther and dressed Simony’s coarse hair with brightness” the brightness has the connotations of knowing and understanding as all of the boys have now realized the beast was never anything physical, after Simons death. o “a secret place in a clearing full of flowers and butterflies” he is one with nature and very Christ like he appreciate the world and the beauty around him. The clearing is a retreat for him to get away from the savagery and chaos of the other boys. “he walked with an accustomed tread through the fruit trees” o “I’ve been working with Simon” he is helpful and does everything to help Other boys. Simon Key Quotations II Simon is constantly referred to as strange but as he helps Ralph and the little-nuns he is popular despite his strangeness. Even though he is popular he likes alone time. He goes into the forest. o “Simons always AIBO?’ religious connotations as he is always about he is always there for everyone and trying to help similar to how people say that God is always about, the other boys rely on him in some ways.

Religious allegory used by Gilding. o “and if it wasn’t a good if,” sad Simon, “the beastie, the beastie or the snake-thing, was real. Remember” he doesn’t have the ability to communicate ell he isn’t able to convey exactly what he is thinking even though he is able to see what the truth is. He is seen like a Christ like figure and this is his first reference of being all knowing. He is dealing with a concept which is to big to put into words “maybe its only us” reminds us that he is still a young child. E “you’ll get back to where you came from. An absolute sense of foresight and a sense of assertive “you’ll” he know that Ralph is going to get back he doesn’t say we’ll. Where you came from shows a civilized place, the total opposite of this island. A level of maturity that is there as he reassures Ralph. Simon Key Quotations Ill o “don’t scream. You’ll get back” when Ralph is being hunted but jack and the boys his internal monologue and he thinks what Simon says, he is completely trusting of what Simon has said even in Simons absence shows the sense of faith that Ralph has in Simon. o “what I mean is..


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