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Literary Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Essay

The essay is a literary analysis of the drama Romeo and Juliet. The format is Point. Proof and Explanation. The inquiry was “What factors and/or characters lead to the eventual death of Romeo and Juliet” I used Lady and Lord Capulet. Juliets Nurse. and Friar Laurence. There are direct quotation marks from the drama every bit good that are relevent. It is 929 words in length

Shakespeare’s drama. Romeo and Juliet presents readers with the narrative of a tragically doomed love. It is the narrative of two teenagers’ who fall in love and the people and fortunes that prevent them from being together. Four characters in peculiar. viz. Lady and Lord Capulet. Juliet’s nurse. and Friar Laurence. played a important function in the devastation of the chief characters and immature lovers. Romeo and Juliet. These characters. through Acts of the Apostless of selfishness. treachery and authorization over the immature lovers led to their despairing actions and ultimate decease.

Lady and Lord Capulet. Juliet’s female parent and father contributed to the events taking to the death of Romeo and Juliet right from the beginning of the drama. . Juliet’s male parent. Lord Capulet. creates a facade about how much he loves and attentions for his girl when in world he demonstrates that he truly does non hold her best involvement at bosom. In the beginning of the drama. Lord Capulet says to Paris. ( the nephew of the prince of Verona. who would convey the Capulet household power and prestigiousness if he marries Juliet ) :

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“My kid is yet a alien in the universe.

she hath non seen the alteration of 14 old ages ;

Let two more summers wither in their pride.

Ere we may believe her ripe to be a bride. ”

( II. two. 8-11 ) .

This gives the reader the feeling of a lovingness and considerate male parent. who is concerned about his child’s good being and is concerned that she is excessively
immature to be married. Yet. by the terminal of the drama. when Juliet stands up to her male parent and says she does non desire to get married Paris. he becomes angry with her and says “…Disobedient wretch! /I Tell thee what. acquire thee to church o’Thursday [ to get married Paris ] /Or ne’er after look me in the face” ( III. v. 160-163 ) . Lord Capulet is demoing his true feelings toward his girl and shows the reader that his existent motivations are self-seeking. Lady Capulet. Juliet’s female parent besides assists in the devastation of Romeo and Juliet by her shallow and egoistic nature. She believes that Juliet should get married Paris. non for love or felicity. but because Paris is affluent and fine-looking and will convey the Capulet household more power and prestigiousness.

When Lady Capulet says “And happen delight writ there with beauty’s pen. / Examine every married quality. / And see how one another lends content ( I. iii. 82-85 ) she is seeking to convert Juliet that Paris would do a good hubby because of his good expressions. Her advise to her girl demonstrates that she is merely concerned about image without consideration of her daughter’s wants or demands. Both Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet have merely their personal motivations and values in head when they make the determination about their daughter’s hereafter. This contributes to the weakness and isolation that Juliet feels which finally leads Juliet to her decease.

Another manipulative. self-seeking character is Juliet’s nurse. On the surface. she appears to be a individual that Juliet can confide in during hard state of affairss. yet throughout the drama. her actions would show that she really contributes to the devastation of Romeo and Juliet. Initially. she played the function of a courier between the two lovers back uping their relationship by relaying secret messages between the doomed lovers. At the same clip she besides appeared to be understanding and sympathetic to Juliet’s feelings by imparting Juliet a sympathetic ear.

Yet when Lord and Lady Capulet queer Romeo and Juliet’s programs of a life together. the nurse. in order to maintain her occupation. does non seek to soothe Juliet. she merely says ” [ Romeo ] is dead -or ’twere every bit good he were” ( III. four. 235 ) and tells her “I believe it best you married with [ Paris ] ” ( III. four. 218 ) . This causes Juliet heartache because she trusted her nurse. who throughout the old ages has become more like a female parent to her. and now the lone one she trusted is bewraying her. As a consequence of this treachery and feelings of entire hopelessness. Juliet’s ideas of self-destruction became prevailing and she turned to friar Laurence for aid.

In malice of the fact that Friar Laurence played the portion of a helpful intimate to Romeo and Juliet. he finally helped I their concluding devastation. In the beginning of the drama. when Romeo went to Friar Laurence for aid. he believes that the matrimony of the two adolescents might stop the long running feud between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s. It is evident that when Friar Laurence says “In one regard I’ll thy helper be/ For this confederation may so turn out. / to turn your households’ resentment to pure love” ( II. three. 86-88 ) . all he is think about is a manner to stop the feud that has caused “three civil brawls” ( I. I. 87 ) . and have caused the gratuitous decease of many.

Even after Romeo is banished and at that place seems to be no hope for Romeo and Juliet. all Friar Laurence can believe about is “blaze ( denoting ) thy marriage” ( III. three. 150 ) . What friar Laurence does non recognize is that he is giving false hope to both Romeo and Juliet. leting them to believe that their lives will finally be all right. In world. we as readers know that this can ne’er be. and therefore. friar Laurence is puting the phase for Romeo and Juliet’s devastation.

In the drama. the chief characters are adolescents who are forced to cover with highly complex issues environing their simple love for each other. The people. who influence them to make so. are the 1s who are responsible for the decease and devastation of Romeo and Juliet.


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