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Life in the LGBT Community and the Natural Life

Viola Green10/23/11 Week-7 Rough Draft LBGT LIFE AND THE NATURAL LIFE My issue about the life of ( LGBT) gay, bisexual, and transgender community. I do not understand the way it was announced that LGBT have a right to abolish this type of life against God will. I understand that everyone has equal rights, but pasting a legend document is just not the way to get legal paper for a community that want to be standout with this type of problem, to fight about their way of life on earth, their life style has been a much to open.

You mean to tell me that their life style to take over society was it that easy, when there are not ready for this type of transition. Where are the rest rooms to distinguish the different between; which restroom to enter, and which restroom not to enter, for this generation of the young children that are growing up in the digital technology life, that do not want to be a part of this nonsense. How will they know the different if it is already o. k by law, how will these children be taught about this new transition of (LGBT) in the schools, and churches, and community news in the life of 2011.

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During the 1950 there was riots about the blacks using the white people restroom and going to the white people restaurants, why this is not going on as a way to show these LGBT that they cannot get it that easy. When people like me have grandchildren growing up now in this world and things is just being passed by law, and the world is not ready for this transition either, I do not think so, and I am a 53 year old women. Gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT),as if it is ok to talk about and do whatever because of human rights this should had been decided long before this time and the information to show that this is welcomed.

It is being push about this easy. I do not agree with such abnotion behavior , from one point I do agree because of people equal rights from another point, if the world was ready for this I will agree , for instant what if a little girl go to a restroom in school and the lesbian girl ask a little girl if she wants to learn something new how do the media thing this little girl supposed to response to such action , this is how it been going on for a life time, and there is no real justice behind it. I think that the real people need to wake up and place the signs around to show people the new transition of the LGBT) GAY, Bisexual and transgender life that they passed in law in some State, so that the world of people can move in the directions that make some of the people more comfortable. I can understand that people love who they want, but what about the love of the world with other people that lives here on earth also, what about their right about this, in Africa if they want this type life and they are moving to American and bring AIDS into the society how will people understate what media the President and the other people behind this type of actions, do you think that the time has change to be more appropriate in this issue.

I do believe that this world is getting worst more than getting correct. It is bad enough that we have to die from the produce being terminated and the mad cow diseases being announce swine flu and their just more and more to add on to the stress that is already being addressed. Who runs this country and why? I do not thing that they have a good voice and opinions about life. here are these people minds at what do they think about the young life that is growing up now in my children generation who is now in the age group of 33-24, they already had to face this type of wrong behavior, and it is just not fair to a lot of use on this earth, they took the pray from schools, and they never place someone else to continue the way of God holy word, so now who is governor over this, is he or she part of the (LGBT) also is he saying that it is o. for these people of Gay, Bisexual, and transgender to just take over the world, and every one to turn out to enjoy this type of behavior, I just do not understand it. I do not know how to bring out the first words to my grandchildren on what this world as turned out to be. It is a monster action to me; I feel that it is wrong the way it is being done, when the world is not ready for this ruling. It needs to be more televised, as the young children grow up to help them to understand the different between people, and let people make their chose to use the same restrooms that a transgender, or gay person is using also.

It is enough germs going around all ready. I myself do not agree with what the world has come to, and it is being run by men and women. People do wake up, and realize what is really going on, and how to correct it to be better; and change what needs to be changed where the people, all over the world could be more understanding on how, and why, and give some of use choses to choose where to go in these restrooms to be added.


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