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Labor Law and Union Paper

Labor Laws and Unions
The purpose of this paper is to outline Newark Public Schools System by, including a brief background on the organization, identifying issues, and obstacles that the organization could encounter, determining which federal, state, or local laws could be broken, and to provide recommendation of minimize possible litigation. This paper will also include first the organization’s benefits for joining a union. Second, identify the unionization process. Third, how the union bargain? Last, what effects does union bargaining have on the organization Newark Public School district is the largest school district in New Jersey. It services the entire Newark area. Student enrollment in Newark Public Schools district is 40,000. Newark is the largest of the 31 special-needs districts statewide. This multiyear, $363 million program includes 34 replacement schools, 30 renovations or additions, and nine new schools designed to serve concurrently as community resources. Newark Public Schools is one of the lowest performing schools even after the state government took over management of the city’s schools in 1995, under the presumption that improvement would follow. The school district continues to struggle with low high school graduation rates and low standardized test scores.
State and Federal legislation and regulation have established thorough academic standards in addition safety and health expectations for Newark Public schools and students. This presents a number of challenges for public schools and the consequent diverse and changing student populations. Schools must first differentiate instruction to maximize student achievement and prevent, and address academic problems. Second, provide a safe and disciplined learning environment to prevent and address challenging behavior. Last, partially the increased incidence of health related issues some students bring to schools or experience in schools, which may also interfere with school…


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