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Labatt Blue Sot

| Labatt’s Blue Case Study – S.W.O.T Analysis |
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| Heather Hogg & Lucas PeddleBA 1090
| | Labatt’s Blue Case Study – S.W.O.T Analysis |
| |
| Heather Hogg & Lucas PeddleBA 1090
|Executive Summary
Labatt’s Blue needs a facelift to once again be on top in sales of the mainstream beer segment. Competitions among the brands of Budweiser and Coors Light has shown the weakness of the marketing of the company’s product. InBev thought that investing into a Horizontal Integration Strategy was going to help them capitalize among beer sales in Canada but instead have decided to focus on other brands rather than Labatt’s Blue. Since then the Labatt’s Blue has gone down in sales and is now looking for marketing strategies that will once again make them a leader in the mainstream beer segment. We recommend that Labatt’s Blue needs to target the new, younger generation of beer drinkers through advertisement and social media to generate brand recognition. Also through the use of promotions in beer cases the company will be able to spark interest among consumers. The investment into reaching the new generation of beer drinkers will help improve the sales of Labatt’s Blue.
Problem: Over the years, Labatt’s Blue has been losing market share within the beer industry in Canada. How can Labatt’s Blue make itself once again Canada’s leading beer brand and dominate the market like in it did in past years.
Labatt Blue S.W.O.T AnalysisStrengths:
In case promotions (during the summer months Labbatt offers giveaways inside its beer cases for consumers)
Supports sporting events (has sponsorship ties with both CFL and NHL)
Sensitive to social issues (different labels in Quebec without maple leaf)
Past add campaigns that people still remember today (out of the blue commercials) Weaknesses:
Image as your dad’s beer – when I see Labatt’s Blue the first thing I think of is the idea that my father and grandfather used to…


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