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Lab Report on Enzyme

BIOLOGY LAB REPORT (UNIT 7: ENZYMES) GENERAL Enzymes are protein that acts as catalyst, lowering the activation energy need for reactions to progress in cells. The reaction can still occur without the presence of the enzyme, but at a much slower rate. The activation energy is the minimum amount of energy need for a chemical reaction to occur, yielding from a given set of reactants. In enzymatic reactions, we have substrates which are reactants of reaction bound to an enzyme. While an active site is the region of the enzyme where binding to the substrate occurs.

This site is flexible, and can reform to assist with the catalyst of the reaction of the substrates. Once the substrates have formed products and have become unbound, the active site can return to its original shape. INTRODUCTION. The chemicals used in the lab were NaOH, HCl, and EDTA. In the lab we saw the effect of temperature on enzymatic activity, effect of pH on enzymatic activity. How the changes in temperature and pH affect enzymatic activity. Enzymes are made up of large groups of amino acids and often contain a non-proteinacious group essential in the actual catalyst.

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When an enzyme can no longer function at all, it is said to be denatured. There are several factors that contribute to the denaturing of an enzyme that also determine the enzymes shape. These factors are closely regulated in both living organisms and in laboratory environments, so as to achieve optimum enzyme activity. Temperature of the enzymatic reaction or enzyme itself will help in dictating the activity rate of the function. Likewise is true of the enzymatic reaction’s pH. The other factors include a substrate concentration or enzyme concentration.


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