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Knowledge of Mathematics in Engineering Context

1. The use of knowledge and understanding of mathematics in engineering context. Mathematics is science of pattern that engineers seek out whether found in numbers, space, science, computers, imaginary abstractions, or elsewhere. Knowledge and use of basic mathematics have always been an inherent and integral part of engineering. In our previous semester, basic mathematics was applied in almost every module.

From stress analysis of simple machine components to numerical description of various shapes of new gadgets( using CAD packages), from using FBDs(free body diagram) for solving out the problem in engineering mechanics to using Bernoulli equation or mass flow rate equation in fluid mechanics. From calculation of heat and mass flow in various systems to calculating of engine power or shaft power in engineering systems. From reliability in electrical power circuits in household or any other appliances to traffic in networks (tar roads and optical fibres ) , mathematics crosses boundaries in a way no other technical subject can.

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The examples mentioned above are subjects of many books. Yet, they collectively fail to convey that engineering applications of mathematics have. First semester was just revision and application of the topics covered in previous years of education and also to form a perfect base for more analytical and application based engineering principles. Mathematics and engineering go hand to hand. Without application of mathematics, engineering problem cannot be solved. 2. The application of engineering analysis to understand the behavior of physical systems.

Everything working in this universe has some or the other kind of engineering principle involved in it. Engineering analysis, when applied in the context of engineering systems, involves the application of scientific analytic principals and processes to reveal the properties and the state of the system. To understand the behavior of any physical systems, application of various concepts of engineering is involved. From cool air being given by air conditioner (AC) to hot water produced in water radiators. From working of simple fan to various automobile parts. Everywhere engineering knowledge s required. Various examples and engineering applications where introduced in last modules. Principles about how automotive engine to wheels work, how do gears and friction clutches play there important role in automotive propulsive system and also about turbojet to turbofan in aero propulsive systems. Use of earth wire in our daily household socket to tension developed in stretched wire or rod. These were just the basics about the engineering analysis in our day to day life physical systems. This helps us in understanding the importance of engineering principles.

Knowledge about all these fascinates me a lot and also creates an eagerness to learn more and more about application of engineering principles to understand the behavior of various different kind of physical systems. 3. The application of technical, ethical and management concepts and principles in the design of engineering artifacts. As an engineering student, technical knowledge is very important and obvious as well. There is much importance of technical knowledge during and after the engineering study. One can only be a good engineering if he/she can apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

During our previous semester we were introduced to application of these technical concepts. DMT project in design module that we did last semester taught us a lot. Working with unknown colleagues, understanding their views, making a proper decision that is best for the group, interacting and proposing yours ideas etc. All these things tell us about importance of technical knowledge in designing any engineering artifact. Thus application of technical knowledge in designing of engineering artifacts is very important for each of upcoming future engineers.

Engineering ethics sets standard for engineer’s obligation to the public, their clients, employers and the profession. Just being an engineer without any ethical concept doesn’t make one a good engineer. One should have good conceptual and ethical knowledge for satisfying client’s needs and also in designing their product. Engineer should keep in mind consumers and public needs before designing and manufacturing any artifacts. For that ethical knowledge is most required. During our first semester DMT project, each quality of being a good engineer was tested.

One of these qualities was management. Managing the people, managing the group (company), managing the funds (money) etc is all very important in every engineering project. Without proper management of various things associated with any project, it cannot be successful. Each manufacturing company tests our management skills before appointing us for any job. Thus management skills are of equal importance as others in design of engineering artifacts. 4. The development of awareness of the influence of economic, social and environmental factors on practice of engineering.

Practice of engineering is always related to economic, social and environmental factors. Engineers seek solutions to problems, and the economic viability of each potential solution is normally considered along with technical aspects. Awareness of economic factors in practice of engineering is to evaluate the design and all engineering alternatives. The role of economy in engineering is to assess the appropriateness of given project, estimate its value, justify it from an engineering standpoint. Economic factor is important in any engineering practice as it discusses the “time value of money”.

During our first semester DMT design project, economic factor was of great importance. Greater the cost of components used to make the vehicle, more it costs us towards the end. Thus it tested the time value of money of each student. Hence there is much influence of economic factors on practice of engineering and each one should be aware of it. Awareness of social factors in engineering practice is of great importance. It applies the scientific method for social concern, uses the methods of science to analyze and understand social systems so as to arrive at appropriate decisions.

Awareness of social factors is important because it is directly related to general public and also development of social design so as to achieve the intelligent management of Earth’s resources with highest levels of freedom, prosperity, and happiness within the population. The goal of awareness for factors of environment in practice of engineering is to provide for an adequate standard of living i. e sufficient food, water, shelter and mobility for growing world population without exceeding the limits of the natural environment.

The development of awareness is important because today each one of us in one or the other way exploiting the nature and its resources for their selfish needs and wants. It is of most important to aware people about the bad impacts of destroying the environment. During my schooling education, I always get myself involved in all environment awareness campaigns so as to aware the people about the importance of nature and bad effects that human race can face if its exploiting nature continuous. Engineers make most use of nature and its resources.

Thus it is utmost important for development of awareness of environmental factors in practice of engineering. 5. The development of appropriate practical skills for application in engineering practice. Engineering is always about applying theoretical laws and knowledge in practical life. Merely just knowing how things work doesn’t make a good engineer. Applying his/her knowledge in practicality is soul of an engineer. During the process of obtaining an engineering degree, one should always aim to improve and develop some technical skill which can be applied in real life. Workshop Practice” that we did last semester has opened up the minds of each one of us giving the clear idea about implementing things we learnt. Milling, welding, bench exercise etc were done in last semester and there are other exercises that are to be done in next semester. It makes us realize about real industrial environment and challenges each one of us are going to face as each one is are going to face as we graduate. This current semester also we have workshop practice which fascinates each one of us.

The purpose of this practice is that after graduating each one us possess the necessary technical skills and real world experience. Each field of engineering needs to develop appropriate practical skill. The technical skills that we developing now is certainly going to help us somewhere in the future. Nowadays each engineering company looks for some or the technical skill before appointing anyone for a job. Thus engineering without any development of practical or technical skill is of no use because without any technical skill application of engineering practice becomes impossible.


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