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There are 5 different characters and they all are from different locations of the world trending by their accents. The Middle Eastern fellow seems like communicating is an issue not more or less when he was back home. It seems to me he is just nervous and taking a little time to settle in. There is another male in the group but I can’t tell much about him because he really does not speak much but I think once if that. All three of the women are in conflict the entire time giving their input. The group itself is coming up with a plan for a 20 minute presentation. They are trying to come up with a successful plan and decide they need a group leader. Some decide they do need a group leader and one person out of the group is against it. Once they vote for Delia everyone agrees except that big woman who wants everyone to work together. Each character seems really uneasy about putting trust into someone else and that’s why the conflict of leadership started in the first place. I feel that the group needed to communicate about how each one of them really felt about the situation in order to come up with a semi conclusion. The video ended when the group starting voting for Delia to become the group leader. I also noticed that there was lot of tension between the women because they all wanted to be the leader and only one out of the three women did not want to lead. End the end it was a unanimous decision and the short video ended with me wondering what happened next


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