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|[pic] |CRN 21847, W 2 to 5:50pm, BH 112 |MBA 529: Influence, Power and Politics in Organizations
Syllabus, Spring 2008Matthew Liao-Troth, PhD, MBA
Parks Hall 351a • Office Hours W 12-2pm & by appointment
Telephone: 360/650-2183 • Facsimile: 360/650-4844
E-mail: [email protected] • Web:
Course DescriptionThe analysis, explanation and evaluation of power and politics in organizations. Introduces frameworks for assessing the sources of power in organizations, the conditions that lead to its attainment, and its effective use from both a practical and an ethical perspective. Prereq: MBA 510c (From WWU Catalog).Vivir con miedo es vivir a medias.
(Spanish refran translated: To live in fear is to live only half a life).COURSE INFORMATION
Power and influence processes are ubiquitous in organizational life—and not just in large companies, nonprofit agencies, and public bureaucracies. New technology entrepreneurs learn quickly how resources and relationships matter for governance and finance opportunities; consequential political dynamics shape outcomes and careers in investment banks and consulting firms. Effective, successful leaders tap into organizational purpose, politics, and perspectives to attain critical organizational and professional goals. This requires political skill and will, particularly in building, using, and renewing social capital.The premise of this class is that power dynamics are fundamental to the work of all leaders and managers in organizations—e.g., in how organizations are designed, in what is valued and rewarded, in how leaders take action, in how decisions happen, and why outcomes often vary from intentions. The coursework focuses on increasing your ability to analyze, explain, evaluate, and utilize power dynamics in organizations. Throughout, the emphasis is on…


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