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Jenny’s Cookies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Jenny Bakery – Best Butter Cookies Restaurant: Jenny Bakery Cuisine: Dessert/Bakery Last visited: April 10, 2010 Location: 5 locations – Central, Hong Kong Address: Metro: Central Station Shop 126, #33 Queens Road Central, Melbourne Plaza 1st Floor, Central, Hong Kong Tel: 2524-1988 Price Range: $10-20 1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!! Food: 6 (for butter cookies) Service: n/a Ambiance: n/a Overall: 5 Additional comments: * Since 2005 * Famous for butter cookies * Very popular to locals * Fresh, home made Specializes in butter cookies * Offers home made cakes & cookies * Available daily while quantities last * Moderately prices * Only available in tins * Great as gifts * Open 10am-7pm **Recommendations: Butter cookies (only available in the set 4 or 8 mix tin box) Jenny Bakery is a popular bakery in Hong Kong that specializes in butter cookies. The store in Central is more of a shop where you can purchase the butter cookies to go. It’s very small and they only have a limited quantity since the bakery is offsite. When they’re out, they’re out!

They’re not exactly the cheapest cookies, but they are so worth it and great as gifts! You have to buy them in the famous Jenny Bakery teddy bear tin and you can’t just buy one kind. Each tin comes in a standard mix of 4 cookies…which kind of sucks because 2/4 are WAY better than the rest. They are seriously dangerous cookies. They’re as addicting as Pringles…but they’re delicious mini BUTTER COOKIES…mmmmmmmmm! Jenny Bakery offers 4 home made rectangular cookies as well but apparently they’re not as good and they’re definitely not as popular.

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They offer a very small selection of home made cakes, but I don’t imagine them to be popular or their main focus. This was in the morning too. On the table: **Jenny Bakery 4 Mix Cookies – 5/6 * 4 mix cookies small size $60HKD – about $8CAD * There’s 2 layers of these cookies so it’s pretty expensive. * The reason I gave it 5/6 instead of 6/6 is because 2 of the 4 cookies are not as good. * The bottom 2 cookies are significantly better than the 2 above. * Top left: Raisin cookie 2/6 – The raisins are really small and dry and almost the size of mini chocolate chips.

It’s not a gross cookie, but it’s not a really good cookie either. It’s crispy and just okay. * Top right: Shortbread cookie 3/6 – It’s a good shortbread cookie, but also not the best I’ve had. Still good and buttery and not too sweet. * Bottom left: **Butter cookie 6/6 – Oh god…this is my favourite. I could eat 10. * This is the best butter cookie I have ever had. Butter cookies are a Danish treat, but I don’t care how authentic this recipes is…it’s amazing. * They’re so small too you can easily pop them in your mouth.

They’re nice and buttery and so soft! You can see the soft batter they probably used by the way the cookie folds. * The crumb is so fine and soft that you barely have to bite it and the whole thing just crumbles and melts in your mouth. * Bottom right: **Coffee flavoured butter cookie 5. 5/6 – This is as amazing as the butter cookie…almost. There’s actually a pretty strong coffee flavour and it the crumbs get on anoher cookie that cookie will taste like coffee as well. Pineapple Roll (Cookie) – 4. /6 * $75HKD – about $10CAD * These also come in a tin but in a long rectangular one. * The pineapple cookies are very good, but I’ve also had better. If it’s your first time trying them then it does the job. * All natural. * The outside is a tender shortbread cookie type pastry and the inside is filled with dried pineapple puree. It’s sweet and sticky and almost like a pureed pineapple fruit roll up inside. It’s nice and chewy and very naturally sweetened besides the cookie roll around it.


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