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Interior Design Report

Design Report
In this project, our purpose was to design an efficient and unique workspace of a coffee shop that fulfilled the requirements stated on the project outline. The tools we had were AUTOCad, Grid Paper, 3D Transtex Paper, and utensils (rulers, pencils etc). My partner and I started this project with rough drafts of our design on the grid paper, what we found most challenging was keeping the measurements correct as we constantly switched between inches and feet. Nonetheless, we successfully completed draft copies of the side, front, top and back views. In the future, we should make sure to annotate our drafts with consistent measurements so we can organize the dimensions better. Throughout the sessions of drafting rough copies, my partner and I really had to incorporate our real-life sense of design in order to make the drafts REALISTIC. This really helped both of us develop a stronger sense of space and how to apply design in our real life. After drafting, we had to choose the materials for the wood/shelves/etc, this was fairly simple for both of us since we came to good agreements with each material. By compromising with each other, we learned to work together and to make decisions together. Finally, we began our good and FINAL copies on AUTOcad. Both of us have NEVER used this program before and it was definitely interesting, stressful and fun to lean AUTOcad. By helping each other out with the program, we developed strong teamwork and communication skills. Each of us would work on a project and if we stumbled, we would ask the other for aid and work on the project together. Although both of us had many issues with attendance/splitting the work properly, we still pulled through in the end and were able to finish the digital version to the best of our ability. Near the end of the project, we were expected to create a perspective drawing on 3D Transtex paper and submit a…


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