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Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication
The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach is becoming so popular among marketers. But why is the IMC so welcomed by most marketers? There are many reasons. The most fundamental reason is that marketers are recognizing the value of strategically integrating the various communication functions rather than having them operate autonomously. By coordinating their marketing communication efforts, companies can avoid duplication, take advantage of synergy among various communication tools, and develop more efficient and effective marketing communication programs. The movement toward IMC is also being driven by changes in ways companies market their products and services. There is an ongoing revolution that is changing the rules of marketing and the role of traditional media adverting. Important aspects of this revolution include:a shifting of marketing dollars from media advertising to other forms of promotion, a movement away from relying on adverting-focused approaches (which rely on mass media such as television and magazines) to solve communication problems, a shift in marketplace power from manufactures to retailers, the rapid growth of database marketing, the demand for greater accountability from adverting agencies and the way they are compensated, and the rapid growth of the internet. The growth of the integrated marketing communications is very likely to continue as it is driven by fundamental changes in the way companies market their products and services resulting from the revolution discussed above. Moreover, many marketers and advertising agencies recognize the importance of taking the IMC approach and are becoming advocates of integration. The move to integrated marketing communications also reflects an adaptation by marketers to a changing environment, particularly with respect to consumers, technology and media. Major changes are occurring among consumers, particularly with respect to media use and…


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