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Individual Abuse of Human by Human

• Individual Abuse of Human by Human Ladies and gentlemen, a glance through the 20th century, astounding casualty in the Rwanda Genocide, lamentable mourning for those in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, devastating hurt on those living in the northeastern of China, human abuse kept torturing the innocent people, but pictures of the past. We evolved progressively through competition among ourselves verbally, physically and psychologically.

However, it seems that we’re going far beyond the principle developed by Charles Darwin—“survive the fittest”. “Survive” not only bases itself on competition but corporation between us. In the blueprints of Marx and Angels, the ultimate goal of our society is to reach a peaceful and harmonious world. And efforts are being made in generation of the post 80s. In Yushu earthquake, joint assistance was brought through different parts of our country. In Shanghai Expo, joyful sharing was represented in a great harmonious platform.

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In the Beijing Olympic Games, strong connection was built among youngsters in different races and skins. And in the hope of the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games, numerous volunteers have already taken their responsibility in different position. We, the post 80s, have taken over the baton from our ancestors, making efforts to build a harmonious world. Individual abuse of human by human, my concern, is against the morality, humanity, and also against the human rights.

These days, we still hold these truths to be self-evident, that all man is created equal,that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ladies and gentlemen, the post 80s, as volunteer for Yushu earthquake, the shanghai expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, we hold the responsibility of help and service and show our concern of human beings’ need, let’s respect each other and hold a dream to build a civilized and harmonious world, to heal the world and to make it a better place.


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