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In The Article That I Read Was About Hackers. It Talked About The Aspe

cts of how the youths of today commit this crime. Hacking overall requires the utmost intelligent. These people that become Hackers have special knowledge and skills in computer programming, Internet use, overwhelmingly bright in mathematics and other important factors.

A particular person name “Onel de Guzman ” is the person responsible for the “Love Bug Virus”. This Virus that wreaked havoc on e-mail systems around the world, from the Pentagon to the British Parliament, and caused as much as $15 billion in damage. Guzman configured the virus for a computer project at his college. When the project was handed in and reviewed by the school the Dean found it unacceptable. The virus was first a program that would steal passwords and give Guzman free access to the Internet; his professors turned it down. The Love Bug Virus then evolved from the program using it as a blue print.

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Since this problem spread across the country Guzman is facing charges. In his press conference when questioned about why he executed this virus, Guzman who sported dark glasses and covered his face with a handkerchief. Simply insisted it be as a result of youthful exuberance. Unfortunately it seem as if he is a mastermind of the most virulent computer virus in history. To top it of he knows it and his cockiness was shown at the press conference and in his interviews. The question on all the minds at the press conference was if you learned a lesson or made a mark in history.

Reading the article I have to say that I found it kind of exuberant that someone could do all of this. Taking computer science now I understand some aspect of the computer and am mesmerized on what this individual could accomplish. I on the other hand definitely do not in anyway condone it. Causing such an unnecessary cause here where the money could have been put to better use. Reviewing the article I also found it astonishing that Guzman learned his computer skills all by himself. He studied what he was not learned in school to expand his horizon. It is kind of interesting that he has such a passion for computer. It seems as if he had been programming since he was 5 years old. Experiment with different computer programs to see if you could break them unfortunately for him and everyone who is a Hacker it is illegal in this state


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