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Importance of Gender

Asif Khan
English 101
Importance of Gender
The sex of the child is perhaps one of the most important things a couple has to decide. Most people you ask will probably already know how many boys and girls they want, even more will know whether they want their first baby to be a boy or a girl. Sometimes things do go as planned, it is when things go the other way when problems arise. A lot of abortions take place after the parents find out the gender of the baby. In third world countries where such technology is too expensive or does not exist, the babies are killed upon birth or are put up for adoption. The procedure for choosing the baby’s gender can also help control the exponentially growing world population as couples will not have to keep trying to get the gender they want. All in all, there is no reason why someone should not be able to choose the sex of his or her offspring.
According to World Health Organization, every year forty to fifty million abortions are conducted all over the world, which equals just about 125,000 abortions per day (World Health Organization). As of today, Thursday May 1, 10:27 pm there have been 13,913,114 abortions already. One can’t help but wonder the reason for these abortions. It might be that the mother is not healthy enough to have the baby, or maybe a girl got pregnant in college and can’t have the baby, the possibilities are infinite. However a decent chunk of these numbers reflects the abortions that take place because of the sex of the embryo. If couples with such plans had the choice to choose what gender there child will be, these statistics would be much lower.
Sperm sorting is a technique in which sperms are separated based on whether they carry male producing Y chromosome or the female producing X chromosome, and then the sperm carrying the chromosomes of the desired gender can be used to inseminate the woman. There are three possible ways of selecting the gender of the baby; abortion, sperm…


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