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Illustrate the Differences Between Organization as Structure and Organization as Process. Determine Into Which of These Categories Your Own Company, or Another Organization You Know Well, Falls.

Illustrate the differences between organization as structure and organization as process. Determine into which of these categories your own company, or another organization you know well, falls. Organizational StructureOrganizational structure in a business as I view it is the human part of the business. It is about the hierarchy of leadership and management (authority), specialist groups and departments, policy, procedure systems and schedules as listed by Child (2005). This structure provides a blueprint for employees as put simply, it tells them what this company does, how it does it, why, their place and role in it, what to and not to do. Sun (2008) talks about the interaction between different themes when discussing organizational culture and structure was a key component because employees are part of the structure. This suggests to me, that structure is the backbone of an organization through which the goals of the organization are met.I always think of organizational structure in the form of a pyramid. They can be a tall or a flat pyramid. Tall suggests many layers of hierarchy with a narrow span of control, lines of communication are long and that the response to change will be slower. With a flat organization is the opposite is seen but with more delegation involved. Organizational ProcessOrganizational process is the “doing” part of a business, as it is the integration of tasks that are logically related, a strategy, to achieve the desired business outcomes as described by Choi & Hearn, (2013). This is controlled through goals being set, planned implemented and evaluated in alignment with policy and procedure. Employee engagement is key here and reward systems are used to motivate employees.Organizations have structure and process. Can you really have one without the other? Galbraith (2002), suggested that organizational processes and structures support each other, this suggested that this may be essential for growth and…


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