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I Remember At The Time When I Started To Go To School

Today I am proud to say that I am a mechanical engineer working in Reliance industries Ltd. My father is my inspiration and he is the reason behind who I mayday. From my school time only I was not much interested in civics, economics, social sciences or subjects in which all you have to do is memorize things which usually don’t have any logical connection between them. But I was very much interested in math and science. Subjects, which have some logical connection behind everything and we don t need to forcefully memorize much of the data.

Fortunately I was good in math and science like it was in my blood. I have more inclination towards my left-brain. I m a type of person who is not so good in arts, singing or dancing but have good logical reasoning and intelligence. Len 2004 1 got admission in engineering college. It was a bit difficult in the first year to acclimate to the environment. It was not as easy as had imagined. It took many sleepless nights, many compromises and what not to complete my engineering. But it waste passion, which helped me to go through all this.

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It was difficult but I enjoyed it. I soused wonder how by changing the gears of the bicycle the efforts required to drive reduces. But while studying in engineering came to know owe the change in gear ratio reduces the torque required but with reduction in speed. It was nice to know all the things that I had always wondered about. It was my pleasure to study subjects like Engineering Drawing, Design of Machines, and Internal Combustion Engines. I was good in these subjects and the reason behind that was my deep interest and passion for automobiles mandatory machines.

In India people are crazy about cricket, but was never interested in cricket. From childhood only I was very much interested in car and bike racing sports. Fl , WAR and Mottos were my favorite sports. Eke all the things having wheels and engine in it and which can go faster and faster. If I get to work in the field of Automotive, I would Beth happiest person in this world. Everyone in this world is blessed with unique skills. It’s like everyone is given a multiplied tool having multiple points.

It’s up to the individual to recognize which point of his tool is sharper than others. If you use the sharpest point on your tool you can machine your career the way you want and can definitely succeed in life. Auto motive engineering is my sharpest tool and would like to take this opportunity to do Masters innate dative Engineering from UK and use my tool for the betterment of not only myself or my country but of the mankind. Statement Of Purpose PARSES Oceanography AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING IN UK:First of all UK is a beautiful country.

Universities in UK combine age-old traditions with modern technologies. They also include combined research and study and they are internationally renowned. The most important feature of universities of UK is their teaching method. Combining theoretical work with its practical application gives the students very clear idea of the theoretical concepts and their applications. Study of only theory without knowing its practical application or how exactly things work in practice is not that effective.

Though we design systems for 100% efficiency most of the time it is difficult tomato it practically feasible. There always lies a thin line between designed model and diffracted model and to understand this practical study is very important. Practical experience in regional companies is often part of the curriculum in UK and this increases the graduate’s chances on the job market. There are a lot of international students and the academic staff is very nice. In Ozone gets a lot of support from the international office and feels very well looked after.


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