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How Email Has Changed Business

Electronic mail messaging has been around for over 30 years, used by government officials and the like as a means of sending and receiving data. It was not until the early 90’s that e-mail became a tool used by the masses. “Electronic mail is a natural use of networked communication technology that developed along with the evolution of the Internet. ” (Crocker). With the release of the Internet as a global medium, it became possible to exchange information electronically and instantly in the form of a mail message.

This transmission is possible from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection. The evolution of e-mail has revolutionized the way people communicate; for business, it has reinvented both internal and external processes providing an avenue that saves time and money and creates an opportunity for growth. Prior to the use of e-mail within a business setting, communication technology was limited to telephones and fax machines. These technologies still exist in today’s business office, however, e-mail has provided a much faster and more efficient way for colleagues to communicate.

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Postal mail and inter office documents have nearly disappeared as they have been replaced with this new form of communication. “E-mail is commonplace and has practically eradicated the paper inter office memo in modern workplaces. Electronic delivery is now the main way for sending and distributing documents, messages, and memos with and between organizations. ” (Sellen and Harper 15). By utilizing e-mail, businesses are cutting costs on paper, postage, and telephone bills. Email is by far the most inexpensive form of communication across global distances. You can send email to anyone in the world regardless of the geographical distance, at no extra cost to. Use of regular paper mail, telephone, and telegram (while they existed) to communicate the same information would take much longer, and be much more expensive. ” (Crocker). Not only has the use of e-mail provided businesses with a way to cut costs but in turn it has created more efficient processes, which in the long run can increase revenue.

E-mail has changed how a company functions in a couple of ways: both how employees interact with one another and how the company talks to its customers. Many businesses also utilize e-mail to enhance customer interaction. “Brett Knapp, a small business owner, explains many benefits of e-mail within his business including employee contact and customer service. ‘We literally have no incoming calls ever, 99% of what we do is handled via e-mail. People don’t want to call in, wait on hold…our customers get an immediate response. ’ He explains. ” (Bannan).

Being able to provide a high level of customer service ensures customer satisfaction, which in turn helps the business to grow. In the fast-paced Internet era of today, people want information now, and any business that is able to provide instant access to information already has a leg up. E-mail has not only simplified processes within the business world, but it has also opened the doors to great opportunity in growing a businesses market share. “Email remains the most important internet application of the Internet and the most widely used facility it has.

Now more than 600 million people use email. ” (Peter). As the fastest growing communication tool, these numbers help explain why businesses are utilizing e-mail to grow their business through e-communications and e-marketing. This is an inexpensive way a company can promote their product or service. “E-mail can help increase sales, drive traffic to Web sites, and retain existing customers. ” (Berst 63). Many companies capture client email addresses and prospects to send out reoccurring newsletters, reminders, and solicitations.

These initiatives can be implemented for the fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods like direct mail or advertising accrue. The key factor of success behind e-mail marketing is maintaining the relationship with the customer. “It’s much cheaper to sell additional items to established customers than to try and develop new ones. ” (Berst 67). Retaining customers is made possible through customer satisfaction. Therefore, E-mail allows for a business to grow through constant contact with customers and prospects.

The use of e-mail has revolutionized business communications. It has eliminated antiquated technologies and processes while connecting business all over the globe with the click of a button. Proving to be a cost saving and revenue increasing tool, e-mail allows for essential relationships to be maintained in a more efficient and effective manner. It has truly changed how businesses function in today’s society. With new technologies being released every day, the possibilities with how e-mail can and will be used to better enhance business are endless.


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