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Chapter 1: The Foundations of Complex SocietiesAbraham Neolithic era
Moses Paleolithic era
Saul cuneiform
David Sargon of Akkad
Solomon Mesopotamia
King Cyrus the Great Homo sapiens
Muhammad Gilgamesh
Assyrians Nebuchadnezzar
Babylonians Allah
YahwehThe Boarder Influence of Mesopotamian Society
Metallurgical innovations ranked among the most important developments that came about because of ______________________. About 3500 BCE experimentation with ____________
Metallurgy led to the invention of _______________ when Mesopotamian metalworkers learned to alloy _____________ with tin. Unlike pure copper, _____________ is both hard and strong, and it quickly became the preferred metal for military weaponry as craftsmen turned out swards, spears, axes, shields, and armor made of the recently invented metal.
The Best known cases of early Mesopotamian influence involved Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews, who preserved memories of their historical experiences in an extensive collection of ______________________. Israelites formed a branch of Hebrews who settled in Palestine (modern day Israel) after 1300 B.C.E, these early _____________________ who inhabited lands between Mesopotamia and Egypt during the second millennium B.C.E. _______________ descended from the southern Israelites who inhabited the kingdom of Judah.
According to the Hebrew scriptures (_______________________________), the Hebrews patriarch ________________ came from the Sumerian city of Ur, but he migrated to northern Mesopotamia about 1850 BCE.
About 1300 BCE, this branch of the Hebrews departed under the leadership of ____________ and returned to ___________________. Organized into a loose federation of twelve _____________, those Hebrew, known as _______________, fought bitterly with other inhabitants of Palestine and carved out a territory for themselves. Eventually they would abandon their inherited tribal structure in favor of…


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