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Health Assignment 2

Assignment 4
Due Dates will be discussed in class.
Possible 50 Points
Please type your assignment using the format below, print out your assignment, and turn in at the beginning of class on the due date.
1″ margins
Times New Roman
Size 12 font
Double spacedPlease be sure to include your name and topic from the list below with your assignment. Example:
Meg Ladd
Assignment 4
Topic: Prevention of major diseases is an important goal for me over my lifetime.
Your grade will be based on the following:
Use of correct format as indicated above.
Use correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.
Answer the question thoroughly.
Apply information from the book to substantiate your answer. I should be able to tell that you read and understand the information from material presented in class. Assignment 4: Pick ONE of the topics below and write a 400-500 word self-reflective essay on that topic:
1. Prevention of major diseases is an important goal for me over my lifetime.
2. Lessons I have learned from taking HLTH 151 Personal Health and Wellness.
3. My Personal Health and Wellness: Taking Responsibility
Be sure to show evidence of information from your text and PowerPoint presentations to substantiate your response. Also, be realistic and show some individual thought.May 7th, 2014
Health 151
My Personal Health and Wellness: Taking Responsibility
The main idea to being healthy in old age is having a healthy lifestyle throughout your whole life. Exercise, diet, stress management, proper sleep habits, and having a positive attitude and thinking are all components in preventing future illnesses and disabilities. Making good choices when it comes to smoking, alcohol, and drugs are also important in keeping the mind and body healthy. You can definitely benefit from making healthy lifestyle choices not only for health reasons, but also when it comes to confidence and body…


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