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Gun Control Research Paper

This is a serious problem that is the logical thing to do in order to save countless innocent lives each year. Reducing guns sold to people with criminal records, mental illnesses or to people where it is a safety hazard are the steps that need to be taken in gun regulation. The United States has the highest gun ownership rate in the world in small arms the ones that are most common kind found in the hand of a civilian. Extremely important people in our nation’s history were killed by a civilian with a gun. Presidents John F. The gunman was armed with two semi-automatic hand guns and an assault rifle (Began). In the weeks after gun sales spiked which is not the result that was expected and olds a problem in its self. The way to maintain safety in and around our neighborhood is not to have everyone stockpile guns. If this is the mindset of the American people then something needs to be done. Gun restrictions will allow people to go through their everyday lives With a priceless feeling of safety for them and their family.

The necessity of caution when someone wants to acquire and firearm is immense. If there is no gun sold into a potentially life threatening situation such as a home with many children or with someone who has a history of violent acts then the chance of an incident involving a firearm is severely reduced. In order to reduce armed crime in the United States we must apply more powerful gun control regulations. Vice president Joe Bidden is one of the most involved and dedicated politicians on the gun control issue.

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He is trying to reduce armed violence by creating a strict background check policy for anyone trying to purchase or register a gun . The objective of Bidet’s campaign is to reduce the risks that are associated with a criminal being able to purchase a firearm with intent to use the weapon unlawfully. In the last year after the Newton Connecticut shootings there have been more than ,200 people killed with a gun in the United States (Feldman). Mass gun related deaths in the United States unfortunately are not an uncommon occurrence. In October 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Mallow used a Bushmaster assault rifle in a three weak sniping spree to murder ten people and injure three others in Washington D. C, Maryland and Virginia”(Carter). The point made in the article was that if gun restrictions and regulations were tighter there may have been a chance that the police would have been able to identify the shooters much sooner if they were able to attach the bullet casing to the gun and its owners.

The situation of armed crime has only gotten worse over the decade since this tragedy and as of right now there is no sign of improvement on the gun control policies in the United States. The occurrences of mass shootings in the United States in many cases can be related to the mental health of the people who were able to obtain and use these weapons. The Sandy Hook massacre was because a man who was mentally unstable was able to take his mother’s weapons shoots her then proceeds on the elementary school where he killed the innocent children and searchers (Began).

Laws need to be put in place in order to protect our nation from tragedies like this. If there are regulations prevention the purchase of a gun in a home where there is someone who is not mentally stable and can access the guns. An alternate relation between and mental stability comes from the aftermath. After Sandy Hook many counselors were sent to schools around the country to try and allow students to cope with what had recently happened in Connecticut. Regardless if the students were at Sandy Hook or not there were people who suffered and were traumatized by this event.


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