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Guidelines For Writing A Research PaperAnd

Given this aim the Faculty has adopted asking students to prepare a research paper in each of the specialization modules, and to make it an integral part of the students duties, and to assign to it a percentage of the general evaluation of the module. And in order to organize the preparation of the research paper nd to achieve its aims, this bulletin has been prepared as a guide for students for writing and preparing the research paper.

Aim: The aim from the preparation of the research paper is to urge the student to develop his theoretical and practical knowledge and to also enhance his skills and to train him in using learning resources and to develop is research capabilities in law and its sources, in order to derive and benefit from information, in a manner that qualifies him to perform and practice legal activity in the future, and reinforces his acquired theoretical knowledge erived from class lectures, and to likewise strengthen his selflearning.

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Bases and characteristics of the research paper First: Regarding choosing the subject of the research paper: A particular problem or a significant issue must be chosen and researched by the student, thereby obtaining benefit; he must also find the rules and/or the logical solutions for it.

Hence, it is advised to stay distant from researching and studying fixed facts or general topics, provided that defining the topic of the research paper should take place through the module professor, and through btaining his approval, which requires from the student to present a summary of the issue or problem that is the subject of the research, while elucidating the significance of the research in accordance with the adopted form, such being during the first weeks of the academic semester, provided that the final draft of the research paper is presented in the thirteenth week of the academic semester, so that the module instructor is able to evaluate all the research papers, and to give the students the opportunity to give a brief presentation on their papers, and for there to be a discussion of some of them in the classroom. Second: Regarding the form Of the research paper: a) The research paper should be no less than 1 500 words and not more than 3000 words- i. e. not less than six pages and not more than twelve pages.

The footnotes are counted from the number of words without counting the appendices and edited texts. It is advisable for the footnotes to be restricted to documentation and a mentioning of the references and not an explication and commentary on the information. It is worthy of mention that it is permissible to prepare a research paper that exceeds the limit mentioned above if this is required by the research topic, or f it is prepared by a group of students provided that the module instructor approves in both cases. b) The paper format should be as follows: 1- Paper size A4 (Portrait) 2- Font type (Times New Roman) 3- Font size should not be less than 12 4- All the footnotes (1 inch- 2. 54 cm) 5- Distance between lines 1.


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