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Greenhouse Effect Global Warming Research Paper

Without this, the radiation from the Sun would come to Earth as heat, and only be lost in space. Energy from the Sun is penetrated to Earth and its lower atmosphere, warms the Earth, and kept in the biosphere. Greenhouse gases are the blockade in the atmosphere to keep the radiation (heat) from leaving freely. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, Cuff’s, and nitrous oxide. The reason that this happens, is because all Of those gases absorb the infrared heat wavelengths, instead of letting them pass through. This effect on the Earth has positive impacts, along with negative ones.

Section #3: Global Warming One of these negative impacts is global warming. Global warming is the term used to describe the overall increase of the temperature on the Earth. Some may call it a hoax, but scientific study shows that this a natural occurrence. Even though they won’t admit it, it is all our fault! Some causes include the wide variety of carbon dioxide, an unerringly industry, and other gases polluting the air. Every single one of these causes are done by the human population. We are the ones releasing these gases into the vulnerable air, and producing the industry t such a high rate.

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Factory farming produces greenhouse gases throughout the ;supply chain’; for example, forest clearance to grow the crops and rear the animals reduces vital carbon ‘sinks’ and releases gases previously stored in the soil and vegetation. Also, according to a study published by The Royal Society, feed from farming is a dominant energy user, taking around 75% of the total energy required for farming. The causes for global warming are all undeniably transparent. Section 4: How would global warming affect?… The first term used us food and water supplies.

Global warming would negatively affect both of these supplements. For one, global warming melts the ice caps and glaciers up in the cold. So, the sea level of the ocean water sky rockets to a crazy rate. More water in the ocean and sea levels rising, means but one thing: flooding. This leads to the other term partnered with water supplies, which is food. The floods have the ability to destroy agricultural landscapes, and human populations in general. Ice melting in the glaciers are an allured bite in the butt for homo sapiens. More heat may also cause drier desserts in places like

California, where forest fires are plentiful nowadays. With less moisture and more heat, fires could ignite in an instant. Biodiversity would cease to thrive as prominently as it once did. Too much of an extreme of temperature is no Buenos for human health. Diseases are spread more rapidly through sweaty touch. And who wants that? Also, don’t know about others… But I become incredibly more vulnerable to getting sick when I’m at one extreme of temperature or the other. Global warming will lead us nowhere, except to high sea levels, poorer human health, flood, ND drought.


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