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God Existence (1348 words)

God Existence
If you take a look up out in the sky on a seemingly clear night, try and ask
yourself how the stars, the moon and everything else came to be. Again the
question of existence takes over your mind the same way it did everyone else’s
years ago. How did the world begin? What was the cause? Who was the cause? A
couple of weeks ago, I had the most interesting conversation with my brother.

Actually, it was more like a provoked conversation to help me begin this paper.

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I asked him, “Do you believe that there is a God? A God who is said to be
creator of all things, the one responsible for life and everything that happens
to it? A being so mighty and great?” Of course, like he and any other
catholic would say, “yes!” From there I was anxious to begin an
argument based on what I had learned from the previous topics in my philosophy
class on the existence of God. I asked him how one can attach himself to such
belief based on what others say, what he has heard and from a holy book that was
said to have come from God but dictated by man? How could he put all reason of
existence behind nothing he has experienced on his own but only what others
claim they have? Then a light shined on me. I was expecting him to give me
reasons that questioned my faith. Instead, he casually turned and threw a
question back at me. “Do you believe that there is such a thing as one
million dollars?” I hesitantly answered, “yes,” knowing what he
was coming to. And then he asked me if I have ever seen one million dollars? I
replied, “no”. From there I saw his point. “What we believe has
nothing to do with whether God exists.” -Daniel Kolak I was never raised
with a solid basis of Christian influence. In fact, I was never made to attend
Sunday school where I would be taught the whole essence of my religion. I did
though, go to mass every Sunday with my family, only to find it very funny how I
did not really know or understand anything about the religion. I did not base my
belief on God because of books and conditioned teachings because I was never
exposed to any. In truth, I do not base it on anything at all. I don’t need to
listen to proofs formulated by scientists and philosophers such as St. Thomas
Aquinas and his Five Cosmological proofs. I do not need to hear the story on how
it was said that Jesus Christ saved us all, or about Moses and the Ten
Commandments. I don’t know why but I just do. Don’t get me wrong, I have not
closed my mind on this belief about God. I have learned that it is not good to
attach our self to anything and close all doors on other possible ideas.

“Being able to shift points of view is one of the main skills philosophy
has to offer, not so much for the purposes of changing our views, but for the
purpose of freeing ourselves from attachment of our own point of view so that we
can really see and understand other’s points of view.” -Daniel Kolak This
is where the role of your philosophy class came into place. It was more so to
enable me to understand the other side and take on another perspective in hope
that I will learn more about the ideals that I believe in. So why is it that
philosophy teachers should be limited and restricted in accordance to the
institution? Why is it that they are treated as a threat to Christianity and the
teachings of religious schools? When in reality, all that these teachers are
doing is allowing their students to grow by understanding something at all
angles and allowing them to think for themselves. “…but they cannot harm
nor destroy God, if there is a God.” I took this line right out of the
reading for it gave such a big impact. A line that should be posted, for all
religious believers who are appalled when an atheist speaks his/her mind, to
see. Why are these people so threatened? Can’t their faith withstand the
striking? Or is it not strong enough? When I heard your lectures, read your
readings and read my own selected reading, I came to see the other side of


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