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Gender IMpact HHs307

Establishing relationships revolves around effective communication skills. Communication is an exchange of information through two or more people by verbally and non verbally expressing thoughts, ideas, facts, and feelings. Understanding communication differences and strategies is imperative to building relationships not only at home but in the work place as well. Communication barriers such as those of gender differences are known to create conflict within a given environment. Men and woman are known to communicate differently verbally and non verbally. Miscommunications between men and woman can lead to frustration and embarrassment and even lead to mental and emotionally breakdowns in relationships. Different gender responses within communication can alter the messages originality. Regardless of the gender differences within communication, communicating effectively is imperative for bonding relationships in any given environment.
Not all people communicate in the same form. Verbal communication is processed through telephones, social networking, computers, etc. and involves the exchange of words (Englewood &Wynn, 2011). Whereas nonverbal communication is expressed through behaviors such as body gestures, posture, and movement. For example, while awaiting for the physician in the hospital waiting room a young boy begins to cry. As the nurse approaches the young boy turns away from her reaching for his mother. Interpersonal skills are learned characteristics that assist us in communicating with others. The nurse should have showed some form of compassion for the young boy whether it have been by a touch, facial expression, or voiced through communication. Instead the young boy then begins to ask his mother to hold him. Then the nurse walks away. From this situation we can assume that the young boy is in some form of pain or fear. We also sense that the child does not take well to others and feels protected by his mother’s comfort. The nurse’s attitude has…


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