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Gen 105 Final

Final Project: Student Survival GuideOver my first block of classes I have learned a wealth of information that I will continue to use throughout my enrollment and through the rest of my life. I have created this survival guide which I plan to use throughout my education process. This guide will touch on only some of the material I have learned so far: using Axia’s educational resources; upholding Academic Honesty; setting and achieving goals; managing time wisely; fostering reading comprehension and retention.The personal action plan I would develop for using Axia’s Educational Resources to maximize my learning is the continued use of its University Library and Center for Writing Excellence.There are so many resources available that will help enhance my coursework experience. Being able to download appendixes and other information to my PDA devices, such as an IPod or mp3 player, allows me to get the information and listen to it at my own convenience.The University Library has search databases which is geared specifically towards the student and have search results not typical with other search engines. Those databases – Ebscohost, ProQuest, and Thomson Gale PowerSearch allows me to use Boolean and wildcard logic to isolate my search needs and many of the resources at the University Library are peer and scholarly-reviewed articles to ensure verifiable information. I have also learned to look for keywords when reading materials to make it easier for me to comprehend what I am reading and look up words that I am unfamiliar with.The Library itself also has a great Center for Writing Excellence, CWE. They have a plethora of tools there and I plan to take advantage of all of them at some point throughout my stay at Axia. Among some of the tools the Library features are; tutorial guides and writing manuals; once there, they have five different icons – writing style, grammar mechanics, English language learners, plagiarism and grammar glossary. They…


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